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26001. The Woman Patient: Concepts of Femininity and the Life Cycle
26002. Human Detection and Diagnosis of System Failures
26003. Inhibition of Tumor Induction and Development
26004. Trends in Photobiology
26005. The Handbook of Political Behavior: Volume 2
26006. Data Communications: An Introduction to Concepts and Design
26007. Behavioral Approaches to Medicine: Application and Analysis
26008. Pest Management Programs for Deciduous Tree Fruits and Nuts
26009. Methods of Cell Separation
26010. Advances in Information Systems Science: Volume 7
26011. Mössbauer Effect Methodology: Volume 7 Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium on Mössbauer Effect Methodology New York City, January 31, 1971
26012. Atomic Collisions in Solids: Volume 2
26013. Advanced Experimental Techniques in Powder Metallurgy: Based on a Symposium on Advanced Experimental Techniques in Powder Metallurgy sponsored by the Institute of Metals Division, Powder Metallurgy Committee, held at the Spring Meeting of The Metallurgical Society of AIME in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 1969
26014. Research Procedures and Data Analysis
26015. Comparative, Maternal, and Epidemiologic Aspects
26016. Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology: Volume 4
26017. Fluctuations, Instabilities, and Phase Transitions
26018. Photon Correlation and Light Beating Spectroscopy
26019. The Woman Patient: Medical and Psychological Interfaces. Volume 1: Sexual and Reproductive Aspects of Women’s Health Care
26020. Multicriteria Decision Making and Differential Games
26021. The Physical Basis for Heterogeneous Catalysis
26022. Turbulent Mixing in Nonreactive and Reactive Flows
26023. Defects and Transport in Oxides
26024. An Introduction to Acoustical Holography
26025. Soviet Researches on Luminescence / Issledovaniya po Lyuminestsentsii / Исследования по Люминесценции
26026. The Chemical Industry
26027. Engineers in Britain: A Sociological Study of the Engineering Dimension
26028. Advances in Manufacturing Technology II: Proceedings of the Third National Conference on Production Research
26029. Acid Rain Economic Assessment
26030. Advances in Molten Salt Chemistry: Volume 3
26031. Advances in Corrosion Science and Technology: Volume 1
26032. Advances in Nuclear Physics
26033. Tissue Engineering: Current Perspectives
26034. Westcott’s Plant Disease Handbook
26035. Topics in Statistical Information Theory
26036. Theory of Point Estimation
26037. The Prostaglandins: Volume 3
26038. Telecommunications Engineering
26039. Subcellular Biochemistry: Volume 5
26040. Spatial Variation
26041. Source Book of Flavors
26042. Somatostatin
26043. Size Exclusion Chromatography
26044. Short-Term Bioassays in the Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures IV
26045. Sensory Evaluation of Food: Principles and Practices
26046. Rubber Technology
26047. Reviews of Plasma Physics / Voprosy Teorii Plazmy / Вопросы Теории Плазмы
26048. Reviews of Infrared and Millimeter Waves: Volume 1
26049. Research Methods in Neurochemistry: Volume 5
26050. Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems
26051. Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems
26052. Alcohol and Drug Problems in Women
26053. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors: San Francisco, California, USA August 6–10, 1984
26054. Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy
26055. Fundamentals of Power Electronics
26056. SPI Plastics Engineering Handbook of the Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.
26057. Ontogeny
26058. Perspectives in Ethology: Volume 4 Advantages of Diversity
26059. Oral Microbiology
26060. Optimal Control
26061. Optical Information Processing: Volume 2
26062. Office Automation: A User-Driven Method
26063. Myelin
26064. Molten Salt Techniques: Volume 2
26065. Modern Electrochemistry: Volume 1. An Introduction to an Interdisciplinary Area
26066. Microcomputers and Laboratory Instrumentation
26067. Methods in Membrane Biology: Volume 1
26068. Methods in Computational Molecular Physics
26069. Methods in Computational Chemistry: Volume 3: Concurrent Computation in Chemical Calculations
26070. Magnetospheric Physics: Achievements and Prospects
26071. Introduction to Metamorphic Textures and Microstructures
26072. Introduction to Abstract Algebra
26073. Intracranial Cyst Lesions
26074. Insect Ultrastructure: Volume 1
26075. Information Processing in Medical Imaging
26076. Immunopharmacology Reviews: Volume 1
26077. Clinical Aspects of Immune Pathology
26078. Immunodermatology
26079. Ice Cream
26080. Human Growth Hormone
26081. Alterations of Chemical Equilibrium in the Nervous System
26082. Metabolic Turnover in the Nervous System
26083. Metabolic Reactions in the Nervous System
26084. Structural Neurochemistry
26085. Chemical Architecture of the Nervous System
26086. Handbook of Marriage and the Family
26087. Handbook of Composites
26088. Handbook of Child Psychopathology
26089. Growth of Crystals: Volume 14
26090. Geological Hazards: Earthquakes — Tsunamis — Volcanoes — Avalanches — Landslides — Floods
26091. Genetics of Microbes
26092. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods
26093. Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods Volume 1
26094. Fundamentals of Two-Fluid Dynamics: Part II: Lubricated Transport, Drops and Miscible Liquids
26095. Food Analysis: Theory and Practice
26096. Evolutionary Biology
26097. Endocytosis
26098. The Encyclopedia of Physics
26099. Dimensions of Food
26100. Digital Logic Techniques: Principles and Practice
26101. Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease
26102. Dictionary of Global Climate Change
26103. A Conceptual History of Modern Embryology
26104. Day Treatment for Children with Emotional Disorders: Volume 2 Models Across the Country
26105. Data Analysis: The Ins and Outs of Solving Real Problems
26106. Current Ornithology
26107. Condensed Matter Theories: Volume 1
26108. Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry: Electrodics: Transport
26109. Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry: Volume 3: Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
26110. Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry: The Double Layer
26111. Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology
26112. Clinical Approach to Infection in the Compromised Host
26113. Patterns of Supplementary Parenting
26114. Normal and Altered States of Function
26115. Cerebral Cortex: Further Aspects of Cortical Function, Including Hippocampus
26116. Calculus I
26117. Building Implementable Marketing Models
26118. Boundary Crossing of Brownian Motion: Its Relation to the Law of the Iterated Logarithm and to Sequential Analysis
26119. Biological Magnetic Resonance: Volume 4
26120. Bacterial Adhesion: Mechanisms and Physiological Significance
26121. Bacteria in Nature: Volume 1: Bacterial Activities in Perspective
26122. Atlas of the Liver
26123. Atlas of Atherosclerosis: Risk Factors and Treatment
26124. Asymptotic Expansions for General Statistical Models
26125. Aquaculture Management
26126. an introduction to Industrial Chemistry
26127. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 10
26128. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 9
26129. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 8
26130. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 5
26131. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 4
26132. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 2
26133. Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application VII
26134. Handbook of Composites
26135. Handbook of Powder Science & Technology
26136. Smooth Nonlinear Optimization in R n
26137. Synthesis and Properties of Advanced Materials
26138. Solid Freeform Fabrication: A New Direction in Manufacturing: with Research and Applications in Thermal Laser Processing
26139. Ceramic Powder Preparation: A Handbook
26140. Electronic Structure of Disordered Alloys, Surfaces and Interfaces
26141. In-Situ Microscopy in Materials Research: Leading International Research in Electron and Scanning Probe Microscopies
26142. Thin Film Ferroelectric Materials and Devices
26143. Perspectives on Strategy: Contributions of Michael E. Porter
26144. Technological Systems and Industrial Dynamics
26145. Tabu Search
26146. Semiconductor Optical Modulators
26147. Single Event Phenomena
26148. Microelectronics Packaging Handbook: Semiconductor Packaging
26149. Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation: Volume 16A
26150. Tectonic Uplift and Climate Change
26151. Successful Aging: Strategies for Healthy Living
26152. Cholesterol: Its Functions and Metabolism in Biology and Medicine
26153. Feed Management in Intensive Aquaculture
26154. Advances in Acoustic Microscopy
26155. Combinatorial Engineering of Decomposable Systems
26156. Nonconvex Optimization in Mechanics: Algorithms, Heuristics and Engineering Applications by the F.E.M.
26157. Modelling of Materials Processing: An approachable and practical guide
26158. Porous Materials: Process technology and applications
26159. Theory of Transport Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures
26160. Handbook of Biomaterial Properties
26161. Mechanical and Thermophysical Properties of Polymer Liquid Crystals
26162. Extruding Plastics: A practical processing handbook
26163. Commercial Polymer Blends
26164. Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells: Physics and Devices
26165. Hybrid Finite Element Method for Stress Analysis of Laminated Composites
26166. Physics of Strained Quantum Well Lasers
26167. Reliability, Yield, and Stress Burn-In: A Unified Approach for Microelectronics Systems Manufacturing & Software Development
26168. Introduction to Sol-Gel Processing
26169. Decision Technologies for Computational Finance: Proceedings of the fifth International Conference Computational Finance
26170. High-Frequency Characterization of Electronic Packaging
26171. Decision Modeling in Policy Management: An Introduction to the Analytic Concepts
26172. Designing Competitive Electricity Markets
26173. Calcium Phosphates in Biological and Industrial Systems
26174. Mechanical Alloying
26175. Ontologically Controlled Autonomous Systems: Principles, Operations, and Architecture
26176. Microactuators: Electrical, Magnetic, Thermal, Optical, Mechanical, Chemical & Smart Structures
26177. Ancient Sedimentary Environments: and their sub-surface diagnosis
26178. Neurochemistry: Cellular, Molecular, and Clinical Aspects
26179. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XIX
26180. Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management 7
26181. Modern Applications of DNA Amplification Techniques: Problems and New Tools
26182. Locating Lines and Hyperplanes: Theory and Algorithms
26183. Geometric Methods and Optimization Problems
26184. Symmetries of Spacetimes and Riemannian Manifolds
26185. A Mathematical Structure for Emergent Computation
26186. Handbook of Tables for Order Statistics from Lognormal Distributions with Applications
26187. Functionally Graded Materials: Design, Processing and Applications
26188. Optical Constants of Crystalline and Amorphous Semiconductors: Numerical Data and Graphical Information
26189. Conducting Polymers, Fundamentals and Applications: A Practical Approach
26190. Economics as a Science of Human Behaviour: Towards a New Social Science Paradigm, Extended Second Edition
26191. Physical Models of Semiconductor Quantum Devices
26192. Package Electrical Modeling, Thermal Modeling, and Processing for GaAs Wireless Applications
26193. Privatization and Culture: Experiences in the Arts, Heritage and Cultural Industries in Europe
26194. High-Temperature Superconductors: Materials, Properties, and Applications
26195. Flash Memories
26196. Advances in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
26197. Learning from the World’s Best Central Bankers: Principles and Policies for Subduing Inflation
26198. Handbook of Disruptive Behavior Disorders
26199. Handbook of Psychological Approaches with Violent Offenders: Contemporary Strategies and Issues
26200. Advancing Research on Living and Fossil Cephalopods: Development and Evolution Form, Construction, and function Taphonomy, Palaeoecology, Palaeobiogeography, Biostratigraphy, and Basin Analysis
26201. Introduction to Electron Holography
26202. Eicosanoids and Other Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation, and Radiation Injury, 4
26203. Handbook of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
26204. Handbook of Psychotherapies with Children and Families
26205. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXI
26206. Global Optimization with Non-Convex Constraints: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
26207. Scheduling: Control-Based Theory and Polynomial-Time Algorithms
26208. Design Considerations of Time in Fuzzy Systems
26209. A Set of Examples of Global and Discrete Optimization: Applications of Bayesian Heuristic Approach
26210. Design of Survivable Networks with Bounded Rings
26211. Hierarchical Optimization and Mathematical Physics
26212. Handbook of Multivalued Analysis: Volume II: Applications
26213. Intelligent Decision Aiding Systems Based on Multiple Criteria for Financial Engineering
26214. Ecological Indicators: Volume 1
26215. From Dirac to Neutrino Oscillations
26216. Electrets In Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications
26217. Quantum Semiconductor Devices and Technologies
26218. Compound Semiconductors Strained Layers and Devices
26219. Functionally Graded Materials in the 21st Century: A Workshop on Trends and Forecasts
26220. Modern Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
26221. Handbook of Social Comparison: Theory and Research
26222. Genomes
26223. Practitioner’s Guide to Evaluating Change with Neuropsychological Assessment Instruments
26224. Cell and Molecular Biology of the Ear
26225. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
26226. Advances in Electromagnetic Fields in Living Systems
26227. Handbook of Quality Management in Behavioral Health
26228. Handbook of Urban and Community Forestry in the Northeast
26229. Biosensors and Their Applications
26230. International Handbook of Human Response to Trauma
26231. Handbook of Research in Pediatric and Clinical Child Psychology: Practical Strategies and Methods
26232. Plant Polyphenols 2: Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Ecology
26233. Stochastic Decomposition: A Statistical Method for Large Scale Stochastic Linear Programming
26234. Quasidifferentiability and Nonsmooth Modelling in Mechanics, Engineering and Economics
26235. Introduction to the Quantum Yang-Baxter Equation and Quantum Groups: An Algebraic Approach
26236. Wide-Gap Luminescent Materials: Theory and Applications
26237. Optimization on Low Rank Nonconvex Structures
26238. Surface Mount Technology: Principles and Practice
26239. Discrete and Fractional Programming Techniques for Location Models
26240. Minimax Theorems and Qualitative Properties of the Solutions of Hemivariational Inequalities
26241. Model Development and Optimization
26242. Minimax Under Transportation Constrains
26243. Lamprophyres
26244. Solid · State Magnetism
26245. Solder Joint Reliability: Theory and Applications
26246. Quality Costing
26247. Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
26248. Annals of Theoretical Psychology
26249. The Challenging Questions
26250. The Hanle Effect and Level-Crossing Spectroscopy
26251. Laboratory Guide to Biochemistry, Enzymology, and Protein Physical Chemistry: A Study of Aspartate Transcarbamylase
26252. Blood Cell Biochemistry Volume 3: Lymphocytes and Granulocytes
26253. Physics Up to 200 TeV
26254. Developmental-Behavioral Disorders: Selected Topics
26255. Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions Volume 7
26256. Gaseous Dielectrics VI
26257. An Introduction to Linear Algebra
26258. An Introduction to Marine Science
26259. Plastics Materials: Properties and Applications
26260. Quantitative Fisheries Stock Assessment: Choice, Dynamics and Uncertainty
26261. Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants
26262. Electronic Equipment Packaging Technology
26263. Fine Pitch Surface Mount Technology: Quality, Design, and Manufacturing Techniques
26264. Solder Paste in Electronics Packaging: Technology and Applications in Surface Mount, Hybrid Circuits, and Component Assembly
26265. Widegap II–VI Compounds for Opto-electronic Applications
26266. Metallic Materials Specification Handbook
26267. Supercollider 4
26268. Natural Products as Antiviral Agents
26269. Structural and Phase Stability of Alloys
26270. Medical and Nutritional Complications of Alcoholism: Mechanisms and Management
26271. Educating the Emotions: Bruno Bettelheim and Psychoanalytic Development
26272. Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants
26273. A Handbook of Silicate Rock Analysis
26274. Simultaneous Switching Noise of CMOS Devices and Systems
26275. Integrated Circuit Defect-Sensitivity: Theory and Computational Models
26276. Predictive Process Control of Crowded Particulate Suspensions: Applied to Ceramic Manufacturing
26277. Applied Stress Analysis of Plastics: A Mechanical Engineering Approach
26278. Multichip Module Technologies and Alternatives: The Basics
26279. Mechatronics: Electronics in products and processes
26280. Endocytic Components: Identification and Characterization
26281. Causation and Disease: A Chronological Journey
26282. Annals of Theoretical Psychology
26283. Annals of Theoretical Psychology
26284. Nutrition and Immunology
26285. Organic Geochemistry: Principles and Applications
26286. Casebook of the Brief Psychotherapies
26287. Systems Science: Addressing Global Issues
26288. Advances in Microbial Ecology
26289. Nucleosides and Nucleotides as Antitumor and Antiviral Agents
26290. Sol-Gel Optics: Processing and Applications
26291. Transition, Turbulence, and Noise: Theory and Applications for Scientists and Engineers
26292. The Field Orientation Principle in Control of Induction Motors
26293. Wavelet Applications in Chemical Engineering
26294. Solid State Batteries: Materials Design and Optimization
26295. Optoelectronic Integration: Physics, Technology and Applications
26296. Developments in Food Engineering: Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Engineering and Food
26297. Bacteriocins of Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiology, Genetics and Applications
26298. Biology of Fishes
26299. Theory of Differential Equations with Unbounded Delay
26300. Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man VIII
26301. Introduction to the Electronic Properties of Materials
26302. Clinical Approach to Infection in the Compromised Host
26303. Cellular Adhesion: Molecular Definition to Therapeutic Potential
26304. Topics in Atomic and Nuclear Collisions
26305. Adult Behavior Therapy Casebook
26306. Membrane Biogenesis
26307. Kinetics of Metal Ion Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions: Models, Algorithms, and Applications
26308. Robust Control Design: A Polynomial Approach
26309. Integrated Optics, Microstructures, and Sensors
26310. Atlas of Point Contact Spectra of Electron-Phonon Interactions in Metals
26311. Ion Implantation: Basics to Device Fabrication
26312. Diamond: Electronic Properties and Applications
26313. Electrical Characterization of Silicon-on-Insulator Materials and Devices
26314. Photorefractive Effects and Materials
26315. Milk Quality
26316. Principles and Practice of Analytical Chemistry
26317. Food Packaging and Preservation
26318. Quality Attributes and their Measurement in Meat, Poultry and Fish Products
26319. Analytical Chemistry of Foods
26320. HACCP in Meat, Poultry, and Fish Processing
26321. Understanding Natural Flavors
26322. Physical Techniques for the Study of Food Biopolymers
26323. Handbook of Global Optimization
26324. Chemistry of Structure-Function Relationships in Cheese
26325. Advances in Acoustic Microscopy
26326. Physicochemical Methods in the Study of Biomembranes
26327. Processes in Photoreactive Polymers
26328. Elementary Probability Theory
26329. Data Mining for Scientific and Engineering Applications
26330. Product Design for Modularity
26331. Lagrangian Optics
26332. Severe Community Acquired Pneumonia
26333. Infrared Detectors and Emitters: Materials and Devices
26334. Electromagnetic and Quantum Measurements: A Bitemporal Neoclassical Theory
26335. Geometric Method for Stability of Non-Linear Elastic Thin Shells
26336. Polyphenylene Oxide and Modified Polyphenylene Oxide Membranes: Gas, Vapor and Liquid Separation
26337. Numerical Methods for Experimental Mechanics
26338. Laser-Induced Materials and Processes for Rapid Prototyping
26339. Applications of NDT Data Fusion
26340. Plastics Design Handbook
26341. Handbook of Youth and Justice
26342. Frontiers in Neutron Capture Therapy: Volume 1
26343. The History and Sedimentology of Ancient Reef Systems
26344. Understanding Psychological Assessment
26345. Earth Sciences and Archaeology
26346. Chemical-Mechanical Polishing of Low Dielectric Constant Polymers and Organosilicate Glasses: Fundamental Mechanisms and Application to IC Interconnect Technology
26347. Multimedia Mining: A Highway to Intelligent Multimedia Documents
26348. Economics of Accounting: Information in Markets
26349. The New Public Management: Lessons from Innovating Governors and Mayors
26350. Ceramic Matrix Composites: Second Edition
26351. Steroid Hormones and Cell Cycle Regulation
26352. Medical Applications of Lasers
26353. Cellulosic Materials: Fibers, Networks and Composites
26354. Lacrimal Gland, Tear Film, and Dry Eye Syndromes 3: Basic Science and Clinical Relevance Part B
26355. Handbook of Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
26356. Holocene Settlement of the Egyptian Sahara: Volume 1: The Archaeology of Nabta Playa
26357. Measuring the Impact of the Nonprofit Sector
26358. Applied Chemistry: A Textbook for Engineers and Technologists
26359. Emerging Fields in Sol-Gel Science and Technology
26360. Electron Transport in Quantum Dots
26361. Pulsed and Pulsed Bias Sputtering: Principles and Applications
26362. Metal Matrix Composites in Industry: An Introduction and a Survey
26363. Oxide-Based Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic-Matrix Composites: Principles and Materials
26364. Electron Microscopy of Nanotubes
26365. Foldable Flex and Thinned Silicon Multichip Packaging Technology
26366. Inverse and Crack Identification Problems in Engineering Mechanics
26367. Nonlinear Optimization in Finite Dimensions: Morse Theory, Chebyshev Approximation, Transversality, Flows, Parametric Aspects
26368. Stable Parametric Programming
26369. Fuzzy Geometric Programming
26370. Estimating Output-Specific Efficiencies
26371. Handbook of Massive Data Sets
26372. Non-Connected Convexities and Applications
26373. An Introduction to Queueing Systems
26374. Quantitative Easing and Its Impact in the US, Japan, the UK and Europe
26375. Linear Integral Equations
26376. Introduction to Stochastic Integration
26377. GRAIL: Mapping the Moon’s Interior
26378. The ARTEMIS Mission
26379. Metal Matrix Composites
26380. National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden
26381. Genericity in Nonlinear Analysis
26382. Impact of Sleep and Sleep Disturbances on Obesity and Cancer
26383. Preparing for Peak Oil in South Africa: An Integrated Case Study
26384. Indian Herbal Drug Microscopy
26385. Patient Flow: Reducing Delay in Healthcare Delivery
26386. Green’s Functions in the Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
26387. CMOS IC Design for Wireless Medical and Health Care
26388. An Absence of Competition: The Sustained Competitive Advantage of the Monopoly Sports Leagues
26389. Wood-Based Energy in the Northern Forests
26390. Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Tonality: Theory and Applications
26391. Anatomy and Physiology of the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems
26392. Advances in Research Methods for Information Systems Research: Data Mining, Data Envelopment Analysis, Value Focused Thinking
26393. Design, Analysis, and Interpretation of Genome-Wide Association Scans
26394. Socio-Economic Considerations in Biotechnology Regulation
26395. Small Satellites and Their Regulation
26396. Microeconomic Theory and Computation: Applying the Maxima Open-Source Computer Algebra System
26397. Language and Recursion
26398. Integrating Renewables in Electricity Markets: Operational Problems
26399. Source-Synchronous Networks-On-Chip: Circuit and Architectural Interconnect Modeling
26400. Internationalizing the Curriculum in Organizational Psychology
26401. Linear and Multiobjective Programming with Fuzzy Stochastic Extensions
26402. An Archaeology of the Margins: Colonialism, Amazighity and Heritage Management in the Canary Islands
26403. Techniques for Nanoencapsulation of Food Ingredients
26404. Cryptosporidium as a Foodborne Pathogen
26405. Psychosocial Impact of Polygamy in the Middle East
26406. Twitter Data Analytics
26407. China’s Road Ahead: Problems, Questions, Perspectives
26408. Practitioner’s Guide to Curriculum-Based Evaluation in Reading
26409. Cultural Psychology of Coping with Disasters: The Case of an Earthquake in Java, Indonesia
26410. Managing, Using, and Interpreting Hadrian's Wall as World Heritage
26411. Introduction to Semiconductor Lasers for Optical Communications: An Applied Approach
26412. Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion: Fundamentals and Applications
26413. Strategic Urban Health Communication
26414. Topics from the 8th Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference
26415. Plants and BioEnergy
26416. Mitochondria as Targets for Phytochemicals in Cancer Prevention and Therapy
26417. Topological and Variational Methods with Applications to Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
26418. The Evolution of Violence
26419. Cell Death: Mechanism and Disease
26420. REST: Advanced Research Topics and Practical Applications
26421. Discrete-Time Control System Design with Applications
26422. RHEED Transmission Mode and Pole Figures: Thin Film and Nanostructure Texture Analysis
26423. Physics of Societal Issues: Calculations on National Security, Environment, and Energy
26424. Applications of Biotechnology in Oncology
26425. Bioarchaeology of Climate Change and Violence: Ethical Considerations
26426. Proteases in Health and Disease
26427. Rheology of Fluid, Semisolid, and Solid Foods: Principles and Applications
26428. Dynamic Models of Infectious Diseases: Volume 2: Non Vector-Borne Diseases
26429. Foundations of Bilingual Memory
26430. Health Care Utilization in Germany: Theory, Methodology, and Results
26431. Handbook of LGBT Communities, Crime, and Justice
26432. The Politics of Reparations and Apologies
26433. Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine: Advances in Infertility Work-up, Treatment, and ART
26434. Copper Electrodeposition for Nanofabrication of Electronics Devices
26435. Applied Corporate Finance: Questions, Problems and Making Decisions in the Real World
26436. Statistics in Criminal Justice
26437. Hypoxia and Cancer: Biological Implications and Therapeutic Opportunities
26438. Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience
26439. The Logic of Logistics: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications for Logistics Management
26440. Living Donor Advocacy: An Evolving Role Within Transplantation
26441. Essentials of Food Science
26442. Robust Control of Uncertain Dynamic Systems: A Linear State Space Approach
26443. Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families
26444. Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering: Fundamental Concepts for First-Year Students
26445. White Matter Injury in Stroke and CNS Disease
26446. Smart Mobile In-Vehicle Systems: Next Generation Advancements
26447. Contesting Ethnoarchaeologies: Traditions, Theories, Prospects
26448. Drug Delivery to the Brain: Physiological Concepts, Methodologies and Approaches
26449. Role of Proteases in Cellular Dysfunction
26450. Decentralizing Health Services: A Global Perspective
26451. Memristors and Memristive Systems
26452. Regenerative Medicine Ethics: Governing Research and Knowledge Practices
26453. Essays in Production, Project Planning and Scheduling: A Festschrift in Honor of Salah Elmaghraby
26454. Two-Person Zero-Sum Games
26455. Nonparametric Statistics for Applied Research
26456. Handbook of Risk Management in Energy Production and Trading
26457. Remediation in Medical Education: A Mid-Course Correction
26458. Anal Fistula: Principles and Management
26459. Diseases of the Liver in Children: Evaluation and Management
26460. Art and Archaeology: Collaborations, Conversations, Criticisms
26461. Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications: Selected Contributions from the MOPTA 2012 Conference
26462. Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Predictions
26463. Multidisciplinary Coordinated Caregiving: Research • Practice • Policy
26464. Phase Transition Dynamics
26465. Productive Multivocality in the Analysis of Group Interactions
26466. Comprehensive Guide to Education in Anesthesia
26467. Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring
26468. Atlas of Ultrasound Guided Musculoskeletal Injections
26469. The Massachusetts General Hospital Textbook on Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health
26470. Bidding for Development: How the Olympic Bid Process Can Accelerate Transportation Development
26471. Comparative Sport Development: Systems, Participation and Public Policy
26472. Single Incision Laparoscopic and Transanal Colorectal Surgery
26473. Cardiac CT and MR for Adult Congenital Heart Disease
26474. Set Theory: With an Introduction to Real Point Sets
26475. Systems Design for Remote Healthcare
26476. Solid-State Electronic Devices: An Introduction
26477. Improvement of Crops in the Era of Climatic Changes: Volume 1
26478. The Catalyzing Mind: Beyond Models of Causality
26479. Wild Salmonids in the Urbanizing Pacific Northwest
26480. Handbook of Human Computation
26481. Interventional Nephrology: Principles and Practice
26482. Source-Synchronous Networks-On-Chip: Circuit and Architectural Interconnect Modeling
26483. The Challenges of Mental Health Caregiving: Research • Practice • Policy
26484. Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R
26485. Systems Analysis of Human Multigene Disorders
26486. Statistical Modeling and Computation
26487. High Altitude: Human Adaptation to Hypoxia
26488. Community Based System Dynamics
26489. Pediatric Head and Neck Tumors: A-Z Guide to Presentation and Multimodality Management
26490. Robotics in General Surgery
26491. Local Electrode Atom Probe Tomography: A User's Guide
26492. Military Deployment and its Consequences for Families
26493. Mathematical Biophysics
26494. Clinical Anesthesiology: Lessons Learned from Morbidity and Mortality Conferences
26495. Radical Prostatectomy: Surgical Perspectives
26496. Nanoscale Technology for Advanced Lithium Batteries
26497. Computational Surgery and Dual Training: Computing, Robotics and Imaging
26498. The Genetics of Obesity
26499. Methods and Techniques in Ethnobiology and Ethnoecology
26500. Contemporary Issues in Child Welfare Practice
26501. Fundamentals of Chromatin
26502. Constructive Nonsmooth Analysis and Related Topics
26503. Frozen Section Library: Endocrine Organs
26504. Physiological Mechanisms and Adaptation Strategies in Plants Under Changing Environment: Volume 1
26505. Celiac Disease
26506. Monitoring Technologies in Acute Care Environments: A Comprehensive Guide to Patient Monitoring Technology
26507. Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Trauma Patient
26508. Vehicle Dynamics: Theory and Application
26509. Nanofins: Science and Applications
26510. Geriatric Trauma and Critical Care
26511. Abdomen and Thoracic Imaging: An Engineering & Clinical Perspective
26512. Handbook of Medical and Healthcare Technologies
26513. Modeling, Simulation and Visual Analysis of Crowds: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
26514. Nutrition in Pediatric Pulmonary Disease
26515. Statistical Decision Problems: Selected Concepts and Portfolio Safeguard Case Studies
26516. A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods: From the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis
26517. An Introduction to Traffic Flow Theory
26518. Applied Statistics for Business and Management using Microsoft Excel
26519. 3D Future Internet Media
26520. Legumes in the Omic Era
26521. ENT Board Prep: High Yield Review for the Otolaryngology In-service and Board Exams
26522. Pathologic Myopia
26523. Handbook of Dermatologic Surgery
26524. Protein Deimination in Human Health and Disease
26525. The Phantoms of Medical and Health Physics: Devices for Research and Development
26526. Targeted Cancer Treatment in Silico: Small Molecule Inhibitors and Oncolytic Viruses
26527. Advances in Diagnosis and Management of Ovarian Cancer
26528. Multi-indicator Systems and Modelling in Partial Order
26529. High Altitude Primates
26530. Handbook of Executive Functioning
26531. The Computing Dendrite: From Structure to Function
26532. Cell Adhesion Molecules: Implications in Neurological Diseases
26533. Bioengineering Case Studies: Sustainable Stream Bank and Slope Stabilization
26534. Mercury
26535. XML and Web Technologies for Data Sciences with R
26536. Observing Photons in Space: A Guide to Experimental Space Astronomy
26537. Advanced Male Urethral and Genital Reconstructive Surgery
26538. Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Imaging
26539. Film, Television and the Psychology of the Social Dream
26540. Developments in Sustainable Chemical and Bioprocess Technology
26541. Long Island Sound: Prospects for the Urban Sea
26542. Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion
26543. Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress: Signaling, Metabolism, Imaging, and Therapeutic Targets
26544. Geological CO2 Storage Characterization: The Key to Deploying Clean Fossil Energy Technology
26545. Optimum Cooling of Data Centers: Application of Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques
26546. Spinal Injuries and Conditions in Young Athletes
26547. Early Mathematics Learning: Selected Papers of the POEM 2012 Conference
26548. Atherosclerosis Drug Discovery
26549. Ganglioside Function: Biochemical and Pharmacological Implications
26550. Pharmacology of Hormonal Polypeptides and Proteins: Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Pharmacology of Hormonal Polypeptides, held in Milan, Italy, September 14–16, 1967
26551. A Textbook of Graph Theory
26552. Clinical Glaucoma Care: The Essentials
26553. Pediatric Hematology-Oncology in Countries with Limited Resources: A Practical Manual
26554. Intrinsically Disordered Protein Analysis: Volume 2, Methods and Experimental Tools
26555. Transformation - A Fundamental Idea of Mathematics Education
26556. Evidence-Based Neuroimaging Diagnosis and Treatment: Improving the Quality of Neuroimaging in Patient Care
26557. Tribology for Scientists and Engineers: From Basics to Advanced Concepts
26558. Security and Privacy for Implantable Medical Devices
26559. Chassin's Operative Strategy in General Surgery: An Expositive Atlas
26560. Graphs and Cubes
26561. Handbook of Insurance
26562. Advances in Nutritional Research: Volume 5
26563. Advances in Nuclear Physics
26564. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials : Volume 30
26565. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering: Volume 29
26566. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Materials : Volume 26
26567. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
26568. Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
26569. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
26570. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
26571. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
26572. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
26573. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
26574. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
26575. Advances in Clinical Child Psychology: Volume 1
26576. Advanced Organic Chemistry: Part A: Structure and Mechanisms
26577. Plane Waves and Spherical Means: Applied to Partial Differential Equations
26578. Residue Reviews: Residues of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in the Total Environment
26579. Residue Reviews: Residues of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in the Total Environment
26580. Fundamentals of Two-Fluid Dynamics: Part I: Mathematical Theory and Applications
26581. Coding Theory and Design Theory: Part I Coding Theory
26582. Vectored Propulsion, Supermaneuverability and Robot Aircraft
26583. Eating Characteristics and Temperament: General Measures and Interrelationships
26584. Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation
26585. Catalogue of Mean UBV Data on Stars
26586. Plastic Design and Second-Order Analysis of Steel Frames
26587. MacMath 9.2: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh™
26588. The Cutaneous Arteries of the Human Body
26589. Crystallographic Book List
26590. Water-Soluble Polymers: Proceedings of a Symposium held by the American Chemical Society, Division of Organic Coatings and Plastics Chemistry, in New York City on August 30–31, 1972
26591. Characterization of Solid Surfaces
26592. Aneural Organisms in Neurobiology
26593. Operational Calculus
26594. Phosphate Metabolism
26595. Making organisations work
26596. X-Efficiency: Theory, Evidence and Applications
26597. From Catastrophe to Chaos: A General Theory of Economic Discontinuities
26598. Surface Modification and Alloying: by Laser, Ion, and Electron Beams
26599. Lactation: Physiology, Nutrition, and Breast-Feeding
26600. The Classification of Finite Simple Groups: Volume 1: Groups of Noncharacteristics 2 Type
26601. Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology
26602. Photoimmunology
26603. Managerial Uses of Accounting Information
26604. Extreme Value Theory and Applications: Proceedings of the Conference on Extreme Value Theory and Applications, Volume 1 Gaithersburg Maryland 1993
26605. Large Scale Optimization: State of the Art
26606. Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems: Volume 7
26607. Homogeneous Catalysis with Metal Phosphine Complexes
26608. Hazardous Waste Disposal
26609. Particles and Fields 2
26610. Minimax and Applications
26611. Combinatorics Advances
26612. Physics of Ion-Ion and Electron-Ion Collisions
26613. The Kidney and Body Fluids in Health and Disease
26614. The High-Energy Limit
26615. Structure and Development of the Greenland-Scotland Ridge: New Methods and Concepts
26616. Interior Point Methods of Mathematical Programming
26617. Modeling and Optimization of the Lifetime of Technologies
26618. Ordered Groups and Infinite Permutation Groups
26619. Applications of Interval Computations
26620. State of the Art in Global Optimization: Computational Methods and Applications
26621. Linear Programming: Mathematics, Theory and Algorithms
26622. Reactive Intermediates: Volume 3
26623. Ecology of Bats
26624. Parallel Computing in Optimization
26625. Engineering Probabilistic Design and Maintenance for Flood Protection
26626. Advances in Algorithms, Languages, and Complexity
26627. Automobile Suspensions
26628. Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity: Recent Results
26629. Combined Methods for Elliptic Equations with Singularities, Interfaces and Infinities
26630. Advances in Nonlinear Programming: Proceedings of the 96 International Conference on Nonlinear Programming
26631. The Interactive Management of Human Resources in Uncertainty
26632. Quasiconvex Optimization and Location Theory
26633. Complex Methods for Partial Differential Equations
26634. Semi-Markov Models and Applications
26635. Progress in Optimization: Contributions from Australasia
26636. Advances in Randomized Parallel Computing
26637. High Performance Algorithms and Software in Nonlinear Optimization
26638. Partial Differential and Integral Equations
26639. Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis: A Text for Biologist, Materials Scientist, and Geologists
26640. Neutron-Transmutation-Doped Silicon
26641. Extended Linear Chain Compounds: Volume 1
26642. Metamorphosis: A Problem in Developmental Biology
26643. Future Perspectives in Behavior Therapy
26644. Advances in Intrinsic Motivation and Aesthetics
26645. Neuroanatomical Tract-Tracing Methods
26646. Recent Developments in High-Energy Physics
26647. Parental Care in Mammals
26648. Ultrastructure, Macromolecules, and Evolution
26649. Genetics and the Law II
26650. Speaking of Apes: A Critical Anthology of Two-Way Communication with Man
26651. Principles of Metabolic Control in Mammalian Systems
26652. Coherence and Correlation in Atomic Collisions
26653. Alkaline Phosphatase
26654. Brain Acetylcholine and Neuropsychiatric Disease
26655. Complex Carbohydrates of Nervous Tissue
26656. Atom - Molecule Collision Theory: A Guide for the Experimentalist
26657. Pancreatitis
26658. Highly Conducting One-Dimensional Solids
26659. Emotions in Personality and Psychopathology
26660. Theoretical Methods in Medium-Energy and Heavy-Ion Physics
26661. Progress in Atomic Spectroscopy Part C
26662. Development and Maintenance of Prosocial Behavior: International Perspectives on Positive Morality
26663. Immunocytochemistry in Tumor Diagnosis: Proceedings of the Workshop on Immunocytochemistry in Tumor Diagnosis Detroit, Michigan—October 3–5, 1984
26664. Computer-Aided Design and VLSI Device Development
26665. Principles of Physical Sedimentology
26666. Geology and Society
26667. Computer Work Stations: A Manager’s Guide to Office Automation and Multi-User Systems
26668. Apple Macintosh Encyclopedia
26669. Empirical Foundations of Information and Software Science
26670. The Management of Productivity and Technology in Manufacturing
26671. Annals of Theoretical Psychology: Volume 3
26672. Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions: Volume 3
26673. Testicular Cancer and Other Tumors of the Genitourinary Tract
26674. Computers and Control in Clinical Medicine
26675. Epilepsy and the Corpus Callosum
26676. Dynamic Light Scattering: Applications of Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
26677. Current Ornithology: Volume 2
26678. Calcium in Biological Systems
26679. Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Sciences
26680. Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry: Volume 10 Bioelectrochemistry
26681. Electron-Molecule Collisions
26682. Migmatites
26683. Social Behaviour in Mammals
26684. Evaporative Air Conditioning Handbook
26685. Interaction of Cells with Natural and Foreign Surfaces
26686. Examining the Submicron World
26687. Molecular and Cellular Aspects of Calcium in Plant Development
26688. Gynecologic Endocrinology
26689. Cell and Molecular Biology of the Cytoskeleton
26690. Manipulation of Mammalian Development
26691. Mechanisms of Receptor Regulation
26692. Organic Syntheses by Oxidation with Metal Compounds
26693. Physiology of Membrane Disorders
26694. Seabird Ecology
26695. Cardiovascular Drug Therapy in the Elderly
26696. Ceramic Microstructures ’86: Role of Interfaces
26697. Development and Recognition of the Transformed Cell
26698. Molecular Aspects of Insect-Plant Associations
26699. New Frontiers in the Study of Gene Functions
26700. Children and Anthropological Research
26701. Workers, Managers, and Technological Change: Emerging Patterns of Labor Relations
26702. Handbook of Psychopharmacology: Volume 19 New Directions in Behavioral Pharmacology
26703. The Pleistocene Old World: Regional Perspectives
26704. Textbook of Developmental Pediatrics
26705. Regional Stratigraphy of North America
26706. Perception of Self in Emotional Disorder and Psychotherapy
26707. Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
26708. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: Proceedings of the Conference on Rehabilitation of Brain Damaged People: Current Knowledge and Future Directions, held at Copenhagen, June 15–16, 1987
26709. Leishmaniasis: The Current Status and New Strategies for Control
26710. Clinical Applications of Monoclonal Antibodies
26711. Computer Analysis of Visual Textures
26712. Network Management and Control
26713. Modern Microscopies: Techniques and Applications
26714. HTML and the Art of Authoring for the World Wide Web
26715. Integral Transformations, Operational Calculus, and Generalized Functions
26716. Nonlinear Integral Equations in Abstract Spaces
26717. Europe — Toward 2001
26718. Current Orthopedic diagnosis & treatment
26719. Impotence and Infertility
26720. Atlas of Clinical Urology: The Kidneys and Adrenals
26721. Current Review of Asthma
26722. Atlas of Esophageal Diseases
26723. Pediatric Urology
26724. Mechatronics:Japan’s Newest Threat
26725. Evolutionary Biology: Volume 23
26726. Green Photosynthetic Bacteria
26727. Molecular Neurobiology of the Olfactory System: Molecular, Membranous, and Cytological Studies
26728. Calcium and Ion Channel Modulation
26729. Endothelial Cell Biology in Health and Disease
26730. Handbook of Psychopharmacology: Volume 20 Psychopharmacology of the Aging Nervous System
26731. Principles of String Theory
26732. Handbook of Behavior Therapy in Education
26733. Handbook of Multivariate Experimental Psychology
26734. Total and Partial Pressure Measurement in Vacuum Systems
26735. Carnivore Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
26736. Conductive Polymers and Plastics
26737. Bacteria in Nature: Volume 3: Structure, Physiology, and Genetic Adaptability
26738. Self-Defeating Behaviors: Experimental Research, Clinical Impressions, and Practical Implications
26739. Modern Concepts in Gastroenterology Volume 2
26740. Fungal Antigens: Isolation, Purification, and Detection
26741. Denial: A Clarification of Concepts and Research
26742. Advance in Environment, Behavior, and Design: Volume 2
26743. Functions of the Natural Immune System
26744. Methods in Computational Chemistry: Volume 2 Relativistic Effects in Atoms and Molecules
26745. Viral Infections of Humans: Epidemiology and Control
26746. Implications of the Blood-Brain Barrier and Its Manipulation: Volume 1 Basic Science Aspects
26747. Handbook of Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry
26748. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Physiology of Phospholipase A2 and Its Regulatory Factors
26749. Annals of Theoretical Psychology
26750. Change in Societal Institutions
26751. Trends in Neuroimmunology
26752. Uterine Function: Molecular and Cellular Aspects
26753. Gold metallogeny and exploration
26754. Semiconductor Lasers
26755. Mathematical Classification and Clustering
26756. The Engineer’s Error Coding Handbook
26757. Cell Biology
26758. Vectors in Physics and Engineering
26759. Environmental Systems: An introductory text
26760. Geologic Modeling and Mapping
26761. Immunopharmacology Reviews Volume 2
26762. myo-Inositol Phosphates, Phosphoinositides, and Signal Transduction
26763. Subcellular Biochemistry: Ascorbic Acid: Biochemistry and Biomedical Cell Biology
26764. Subtilisin Enzymes: Practical Protein Engineering
26765. Multilevel Optimization: Algorithms and Applications
26766. Topics in Number Theory: In Honor of B. Gordon and S. Chowla
26767. Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization: Volume1–3
26768. Progress in Optimization: Contributions from Australasia
26769. Vector Variational Inequalities and Vector Equilibria: Mathematical Theories
26770. Recent Developments in Complex Analysis and Computer Algebra: This conference was supported by the National Science Foundation through Grant INT-9603029 and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science through Grant MTCS-134
26771. Optimization Theory: Recent Developments from Mátraháza
26772. Global Price Fixing: Our Customers are the Enemy
26773. Optical Networks: Recent Advances
26774. Mixed-Mode Modelling: Mixing Methodologies For Organisational Intervention
26775. From Convexity to Nonconvexity
26776. Handbook of Management under Uncertainty
26777. Finite Geometries: Proceedings of the Fourth Isle of Thorns Conference
26778. Switching Networks: Recent Advances
26779. Advances in Convex Analysis and Global Optimization: Honoring the Memory of C. Caratheodory (1873–1950)
26780. Differential Equations and Nonlinear Mechanics
26781. Nonsmooth/Nonconvex Mechanics: Modeling, Analysis and Numerical Methods
26782. Reliabilities of Consecutive-k Systems
26783. Proceedings of the Second ISAAC Congress: Volume 2: This project has been executed with Grant No. 11–56 from the Commemorative Association for the Japan World Exposition (1970)
26784. Proceedings of the Second ISAAC Congress: Volume 1: This project has been executed with Grant No. 11–56 from the Commemorative Association for the Japan World Exposition (1970)
26785. Nearrings: Some Developments Linked to Semigroups and Groups
26786. Markov Processes and Controlled Markov Chains
26787. Trends in Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics of the Indian Subcontinent
26788. Computational Aspects of Linear Control
26789. Biocomputing
26790. Symbolic Computation, Number Theory, Special Functions, Physics and Combinatorics
26791. Steiner Trees in Industry
26792. Postal and Delivery Services: Pricing, Productivity, Regulation and Strategy
26793. Frontiers in Global Optimization
26794. Galois Theory and Modular Forms
26795. Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics: Volume II
26796. Designs 2002: Further Computational and Constructive Design Theory
26797. Mechanics of Electromagnetic Solids
26798. High Performance Algorithms and Software for Nonlinear Optimization
26799. Equilibrium Problems and Variational Models
26800. Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras
26801. Optimization and Industry: New Frontiers
26802. Pattern Recognition and String Matching
26803. Clustering and Information Retrieval
26804. Quantitative Neuroscience: Models, Algorithms, Diagnostics, and Therapeutic Applications
26805. Ad Hoc Wireless Networking
26806. Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications
26807. Recent Developments in Cooperative Control and Optimization
26808. Applied Bayesian Statistical Studies in Biology and Medicine
26809. Modeling Languages in Mathematical Optimization
26810. Spatial Uncertainty in Ecology: Implications for Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
26811. Solving Problems in Genetics
26812. Statisticians of the Centuries
26813. Algebraic Graph Theory
26814. Global Biodiversity in a Changing Environment: Scenarios for the 21st Century
26815. Slayers, Saviors, Servants and Sex: An Exposé of Kingdom Fungi
26816. Applying Ecological Principles to Land Management
26817. Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms: From Simulation to Optimization
26818. Mathematical Approaches for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases: Models, Methods, and Theory
26819. Lectures on Discrete Geometry
26820. Chemical and Biological Warfare: A Comprehensive Survey for the Concerned Citizen
26821. Convex Polytopes
26822. Topics in the Theory of Numbers
26823. Numerical Methods for Stochastic Control Problems in Continuous Time
26824. Heavy Traffic Analysis of Controlled Queueing and Communication Networks
26825. Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
26826. Mathematics of Multidimensional Seismic Imaging, Migration, and Inversion
26827. A Formal Background to Mathematics: Logic, Sets and Numbers
26828. An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 6
26829. Techniques of Asymptotic Analysis
26830. Conditional Independence in Applied Probability
26831. Principles of Protein Structure
26832. Basic Operator Theory
26833. The Biomedical Laser: Technology and Clinical Applications
26834. Applied Probability – Computer Science: The Interface
26835. Neyman
26836. Antibiotics: An Integrated View
26837. Workshop on Non-Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
26838. Astronomical Cuneiform Texts: Babylonian Ephemerides of the Seleucid Period for the Motion of the Sun, the Moon, and the Planets
26839. Discrete and System Models
26840. To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite
26841. The Infamous Boundary: Seven Decades of Controversy in Quantum Physics
26842. Commutative Algebra: with a View Toward Algebraic Geometry
26843. Introduction to Perturbation Methods
26844. The Heat Kernel Lefschetz Fixed Point Formula for the Spin-c Dirac Operator
26845. Fractal Geometry and Number Theory: Complex Dimensions of Fractal Strings and Zeros of Zeta Functions
26846. Geometric Theory of Foliations
26847. The Effects of SO2 on a Grassland: A Case Study in the Northern Great Plains of the United States
26848. Computers in Chess: Solving Inexact Search Problems
26849. Principles of Nucleic Acid Structure
26850. Singularities and Groups in Bifurcation Theory: Volume I
26851. Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications: III: Variational Methods and Optimization
26852. Reference Manual for the ADA® Programming Language
26853. Real-Time Control of Walking
26854. Constructive Combinatorics
26855. Insect-Plant Interactions
26856. Pappus of Alexandria Book 7 of the Collection: Part 1. Introduction, Text, and Translation
26857. Reduce: Software for Algebraic Computation
26858. Combinatorial Enumeration of Groups, Graphs, and Chemical Compounds
26859. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
26860. Introduction to Applied Mathematics
26861. An Introduction to Algebraic Topology
26862. Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications: IV: Applications to Mathematical Physics
26863. Mathematical Problems from Combustion Theory
26864. Pathology Reviews · 1989
26865. Fluid Dynamics of Viscoelastic Liquids
26866. A Course on Integral Equations
26867. Challenges of Astronomy: Hands-on Experiments for the Sky and Laboratory
26868. The Mammalian Auditory Pathway: Neuroanatomy
26869. The Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion
26870. Minor Head Trauma: Assessment, Management, and Rehabilitation
26871. Complex Dynamics
26872. Differential equations and their applications: an introduction to applied mathematics
26873. Introduction to Functional Differential Equations
26874. Models of Neural Networks: Temporal Aspects of Coding and Information Processing in Biological Systems
26875. Introduction to Game Theory
26876. Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds in Dynamical Systems
26877. Chaos, Fractals, and Noise: Stochastic Aspects of Dynamics
26878. Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem
26879. Anatomy: Embryology - Gross Anatomy - Neuroanatomy - Microanatomy
26880. Algebraic Topology: A First Course
26881. Analytical Morphology: Theory, Applications and Protocols
26882. Synthetic Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds
26883. Elements of Hypermedia Design: Techniques for Navigation & Visualization in Cyberspace
26884. The Self-Avoiding Walk
26885. Systems and Control in the Twenty-First Century
26886. Mathematical Essays in honor of Gian-Carlo Rota
26887. Ecosystem Management: Selected Readings
26888. Tales of Physicists and Mathematicians
26889. Seminar on Stochastic Processes, 1981
26890. Prader-Willi Syndrome: Selected Research and Management Issues
26891. The Neuropsychology Casebook
26892. Mycoplasma Diseases of Crops: Basic and Applied Aspects
26893. Finite Elements: Theory and Application Proceedings of the ICASE Finite Element Theory and Application Workshop Held July 28–30, 1986, in Hampton, Virginia
26894. Reproductive Laws for the 1990s
26895. Estimation Techniques for Distributed Parameter Systems
26896. Nonparametric Curve Estimation from Time Series
26897. Stereotyping and Prejudice: Changing Conceptions
26898. Balancing the Needs of Water Use
26899. Feasible Mathematics I: A Mathematical Sciences Institute Workshop, Ithaca, New York, June 1989
26900. Realization and Modelling in System Theory: Proceedings of the International Symposium MTNS-89, Volume I
26901. Crystallographic and Modeling Methods in Molecular Design
26902. The Sun Technology Papers
26903. Endocrine Function and Aging
26904. Analysis of Controlled Dynamical Systems: Proceedings of a Conference held in Lyon, France, July 1990
26905. Neuropsychology and the Law
26906. Vincent van Gogh: Chemicals, Crises and Creativity
26907. Hassler Whitney Collected Papers
26908. The Response of Western Forests to Air Pollution
26909. axịom™: The Scientific Computation System
26910. Probability via Expectation
26911. The Mammalian Auditory Pathway: Neurophysiology
26912. Atmospheric Deposition and Forest Nutrient Cycling: A Synthesis of the Integrated Forest Study
26913. Essays in Game Theory: In Honor of Michael Maschler
26914. Learning Abstract Algebra with ISETL
26915. Blowup for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations
26916. Feasible Mathematics II
26917. Field Theory
26918. Collected Papers of R.S. Rivlin: Volume I and II
26919. Modelling and Prediction Honoring Seymour Geisser
26920. Ecosystem Geography
26921. Essential AutoLISP®: With a Quick Reference Card and a Diskette
26922. Operative Gynecologic Endoscopy
26923. Slanted Truths: Essays on Gaia, Symbiosis and Evolution
26924. Analysis and Geometry in Several Complex Variables: Proceedings of the 40th Taniguchi Symposium
26925. Language Equations
26926. Multifractals and 1/ƒ Noise: Wild Self-Affinity in Physics (1963–1976)
26927. Mathematical Olympiad Challenges
26928. Math into LATEX
26929. Geometric Calculus: According to the Ausdehnungslehre of H. Grassmann
26930. Proofs and Fundamentals: A First Course in Abstract Mathematics
26931. Geometry of Curves and Surfaces with MAPLE
26932. Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations with Mathematica®
26933. The Non-Euclidean Revolution: With an Introduction by H.S.M Coxeter
26934. Collected Papers: Volume II 1967–1977
26935. Collected Papers: Volume I: 1954–1966
26936. Collected Papers: Volume III: 1978-1988
26937. Protein Analysis and Purification: Benchtop Techniques
26938. Estrogens, Progestins, and Their Antagonists: Functions and Mechanisms of Action
26939. Modular Forms and Fermat’s Last Theorem
26940. Ecosystems: Balancing Science with Management
26941. Linux: Unleashing the Workstation in Your PC
26942. Global Bifurcation in Variational Inequalities: Applications to Obstacle and Unilateral Problems
26943. Silences for Love
26944. Signal Analysis and Prediction
26945. Introduction to Partial Differential Equations with MATLAB
26946. Successes, Limitations, and Frontiers in Ecosystem Science
26947. Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Solids
26948. Fourier Analysis and Applications: Filtering, Numerical Computation, Wavelets
26949. Cell Encapsulation Technology and Therapeutics
26950. Methods of Algebraic Geometry in Control Theory: Part II: Multivariable Linear Systems and Projective Algebraic Geometry
26951. Environmental Problem Solving: Psychosocial Barriers to Adaptive Change
26952. Tools to Aid Environmental Decision Making
26953. The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels
26954. Perturbation Analysis of Optimization Problems
26955. Multivariate Statistics for Wildlife and Ecology Research
26956. Dynamics of Algorithms
26957. Biomag 96: Volume 1/Volume 2 Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Biomagnetism
26958. Methods in Ecosystem Science
26959. Diophantine Geometry: An Introduction
26960. Simultaneous Triangularization
26961. An Introduction to Convex Polytopes
26962. Nonlinear Oscillations, Dynamical Systems, and Bifurcations of Vector Fields
26963. Inviscid Fluid Flows
26964. Problem Book for First Year Calculus
26965. I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography
26966. Global Bifurcations and Chaos: Analytical Methods
26967. Chaos in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
26968. Nonlinear Functional Analysis and its Applications: II/B: Nonlinear Monotone Operators
26969. Representation Theory: A First Course
26970. Differential Equations: A Dynamical Systems Approach: Ordinary Differential Equations
26971. Graph Theory Applications
26972. A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
26973. Advanced Topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves
26974. Concurrent Scientific Computing
26975. Exact Statistical Methods for Data Analysis
26976. The Pleasures of Probability
26977. Essays on the Future: In Honor of Nick Metropolis
26978. Intersections of Random Walks
26979. Linear Integral Equations
26980. Indirect Estimators in U.S. Federal Programs
26981. Numerical Approximation of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
26982. A Probabilistic Theory of Pattern Recognition
26983. Classical Mathematical Physics: Dynamical Systems and Field Theories
26984. Intelligence, Genes, and Success: Scientists Respond to The Bell Curve
26985. Breakthroughs in Statistics
26986. Matrix Analysis
26987. Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems in Mechanics and Physics
26988. Modern Graph Theory
26989. Explosive Effects and Applications
26990. Mathematical Control Theory: Deterministic Finite Dimensional Systems
26991. Introductory Functional Analysis: With Applications to Boundary Value Problems and Finite Elements
26992. Wavelets Made Easy
26993. Numerical Partial Differential Equations: Conservation Laws and Elliptic Equations
26994. Microcontinuum Field Theories: I. Foundations and Solids
26995. Easy as π?: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics
26996. Mathematical Expeditions: Chronicles by the Explorers
26997. Modeling in Applied Sciences: A Kinetic Theory Approach
26998. Materials Chemistry at High Temperatures: Characterization
26999. Modeling, Estimation and Control of Systems with Uncertainty: Proceedings of a Conference held in Sopron, Hungary, September 1990
27000. Identification and Stochastic Adaptive Control
27001. Computation and Control II: Proceedings of the Second Bozeman Conference, Bozeman, Montana, August 1–7, 1990
27002. So Human a Brain: Knowledge and Values in the Neurosciences
27003. Adventures in Stochastic Processes
27004. Advances in Hypersonics: Defining the Hypersonic Environment Volume 1
27005. Drug Abuse Treatment
27006. H∞-Control for Distributed Parameter Systems: A State-Space Approach
27007. Computation and Control III: Proceedings of the Third Bozeman Conference, Bozeman, Montana, August 5–11, 1992
27008. Finite Automata, Formal Logic, and Circuit Complexity
27009. Advanced Calculus: A Differential Forms Approach
27010. The Polymerase Chain Reaction
27011. Tissue Culture Techniques: An Introduction
27012. Advances in Dynamic Games and Applications
27013. The Implicit Function Theorem: History, Theory, and Applications
27014. Elements of Noncommutative Geometry
27015. Foundations of Time-Frequency Analysis
27016. An Introduction to Wavelet Analysis
27017. Mathematics for Computer Graphics
27018. Process Control for Sheet-Metal Stamping: Process Modeling, Controller Design and Shop-Floor Implementation
27019. 3D Multiscale Physiological Human
27020. Modern Solid Waste Management in Practice: The City of Malmö Experience
27021. Discrete Control Systems
27022. Finite-Time Stability and Control
27023. Attention Disorders After Right Brain Damage: Living in Halved Worlds
27024. Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition
27025. Basic and Clinical Toxicology of Organophosphorus Compounds
27026. CAN System Engineering: From Theory to Practical Applications
27027. Cost Optimal and Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB): Definitions, Calculation Principles and Case Studies
27028. Compression Schemes for Mining Large Datasets: A Machine Learning Perspective
27029. Personality Capture and Emulation
27030. Renewable Energy Governance: Complexities and Challenges
27031. Investment in Energy Assets Under Uncertainty: Numerical methods in theory and practice
27032. Lean Six Sigma Case Studies in the Healthcare Enterprise
27033. Countering Brandjacking in the Digital Age: … and Other Hidden Risks to Your Brand
27034. Neural Networks and Statistical Learning
27035. Risk Theory and Reinsurance
27036. Desiccant-Assisted Cooling: Fundamentals and Applications
27037. Fundamentals of Parameterized Complexity
27038. An Introduction to Toxicology
27039. Technology and Manufacturing Process Selection: The Product Life Cycle Perspective
27040. Analysis, Control and Optimal Operations in Hybrid Power Systems: Advanced Techniques and Applications for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
27041. Visual Heritage in the Digital Age
27042. Technopolis: Best Practices for Science and Technology Cities
27043. Managing Common Interventional Radiology Complications: A Case Based Approach
27044. Morse Theory and Floer Homology
27045. Cognitive Informatics in Health and Biomedicine: Case Studies on Critical Care, Complexity and Errors
27046. Power Electronic Converters Modeling and Control: with Case Studies
27047. Atrial Fibrillation Therapy
27048. Cardiac Drugs in Pregnancy
27049. Dermatopathology: Clinicopathological Correlations
27050. Shoulder Arthroscopy: Principles and Practice
27051. The Young Adult Hip in Sport
27052. Medical Radiation Dosimetry: Theory of Charged Particle Collision Energy Loss
27053. Pediatric Endourology Techniques
27054. Atlas of Heart Anatomy and Development
27055. Enhancing the Internet with the CONVERGENCE System: An Information-centric Network Coupled with a Standard Middleware
27056. Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012: Industrial Engineering: overcoming the crisis
27057. Cardiac Arrhythmias: From Basic Mechanism to State-of-the-Art Management
27058. Starting to Read ECGs: The Basics
27059. Advances in Laparoscopy of the Abdominal Wall Hernia
27060. Interventional Neuroradiology
27061. Textbook of Cardiovascular Intervention
27062. Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine
27063. Engineering in Translational Medicine
27064. Treatment of Postoperative Complications After Digestive Surgery
27065. Public Health Informatics and Information Systems
27066. Solar Sailing: Technology, Dynamics and Mission Applications
27067. Vascular Surgery: Cases, Questions and Commentaries
27068. Right Ventricular Hypertrophy and Function in Chronic Lung Disease
27069. Interfaces to Database Systems (IDS94): Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Interfaces to Database Systems, Lancaster University, 13–15 July 1994
27070. Dynamic Modelling of Gas Turbines: Identification, Simulation, Condition Monitoring and Optimal Control
27071. Declarative Programming, Sasbachwalden 1991: PHOENIX Seminar and Workshop on Declarative Programming, Sasbachwalden, Black Forest, Germany, 18–22 November 1991
27072. An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values
27073. New Light on Dark Stars: Red Dwarfs, Low-Mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs
27074. Deep-Space Probes
27075. Information Visualisation and Virtual Environments
27076. Designing Correct Circuits: Workshop jointly organised by the Universities of Oxford and Glasgow, 26–28 September 1990, Oxford
27077. Z User Workshop, Oxford 1990: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Z User Meeting, Oxford, 17–18 December 1990
27078. Motion Picture Restoration: Digital Algorithms for Artefact Suppression in Degraded Motion Picture Film and Video
27079. Measurement of Atmospheric Emissions
27080. Computers in Gastroenterology
27081. Bone Metastases: Medical, Surgical and Radiological Treatment
27082. Phlebology ’95: Proceedings of the XII World Congress Union Internationale de Phlébologie, London 3–8 September 1995 Volume 1
27083. Controversies in Obesity
27084. Obesity During Pregnancy in Clinical Practice
27085. Lee's Ophthalmic Histopathology
27086. A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics
27087. CNC Machining Technology: Volume II Cutting, Fluids and Workholding Technologies
27088. CNC Machining Technology: Volume I: Design, Development and CIM Strategies
27089. Design Issues in CSCW
27090. Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Proceedings of the Sixth CIM-Europe Annual Conference 15–17 May 1990 Lisbon, Portugal
27091. Brain, Behaviour, and Iron in the Infant Diet
27092. CNC Machining Technology
27093. Digital Audio Restoration: A Statistical Model Based Approach
27094. Evolutionary Learning Algorithms for Neural Adaptive Control
27095. Human Lymphoma: Clinical Implications of the REAL Classification
27096. Basic Linear Algebra
27097. Further Linear Algebra
27098. Measure, Integral and Probability
27099. Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynaecology
27100. Asynchronous System-on-Chip Interconnect
27101. Electronic Business & Commerce
27102. Stochastic Adaptive Search for Global Optimization
27103. Projectors and Projection Methods
27104. Optimization Methods for a Stakeholder Society: A Revolution in Economic Thinking by Multi-objective Optimization
27105. Object Management in Distributed Database Systems for Stationary and Mobile Computing Environments: A Competitive Approach
27106. Linear-Fractional Programming Theory, Methods, Applications and Software
27107. Lagrange-type Functions in Constrained Non-Convex Optimization
27108. Hyperspectral Imaging: Techniques for Spectral Detection and Classification
27109. Global Bifurcation Theory and Hilbert’s Sixteenth Problem
27110. Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration in Flight Control Systems
27111. Bi-Level Strategies in Semi-Infinite Programming
27112. Asymptotology: Ideas, Methods, and Applications
27113. An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis: Theory
27114. Aggregation in Large-Scale Optimization
27115. Thin-Film Capacitors for Packaged Electronics
27116. The Philosophy of Taxation and Public Finance
27117. Strategic Organizational Diagnosis and Design: The Dynamics of Fit
27118. Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
27119. Printed Organic and Molecular Electronics
27120. Natural Fibers, Plastics and Composites
27121. Nanoscale Phenomena in Ferroelectric Thin Films
27122. Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Environmental Materials and Their Industrial Utilization
27123. Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance: From Risk Management to Options Pricing
27124. Introduction to Cryptography
27125. Evolution of the Vertebrate Auditory System
27126. Economic Development in a Globalized Environment: East Asian Evidences
27127. Counseling International Students: Clients from Around the World
27128. Applied Partial Differential Equations
27129. Stochastic Image Processing
27130. Statistical Image Processing Techniques for Noisy Images: An Application-Oriented Approach
27131. Introductory Lectures on Convex Optimization: A Basic Course
27132. Interactive Decision Maps: Approximation and Visualization of Pareto Frontier
27133. Variational and Hemivariational Inequalities: Theory, Methods and Applications
27134. Vorticity and Turbulence
27135. Theory and Application of Graphs
27136. Vegetation of the Tropical Pacific Islands
27137. Advanced Data Communications and Networks
27138. The Physics of Golf
27139. Variational and Hemivariational Inequalities Theory, Methods and Applications: Volume I: Unilateral Analysis and Unilateral Mechanics
27140. The Mathematical Theory of Dilute Gases
27141. The Discrete Ordered Median Problem: Models and Solution Methods
27142. The Mathematica GuideBook for Programming
27143. Dual Phase Evolution
27144. The Hill-Brown Theory of the Moon’s Motion: Its Coming-to-be and Short-lived Ascendancy (1877-1984)
27145. Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security
27146. Congenital Malformations of the Head and Neck
27147. A DXA Primer for the Practicing Clinician: A Case-Based Manual for Understanding and Interpreting Bone Densitometry
27148. Osteoimmunology: Interactions of the Immune and skeletal systems II
27149. Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture II, Volume 3: The Second IFIP International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture (CCTA2008), October 18-20, 2008, Beijing, China
27150. Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture II, Volume 1: The Second IFIP International Conference on Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture (CCTA2008), October 18-20, 2008, Beijing, China
27151. Appreneur: Secrets to Success in the App Store
27152. Advanced Topics in C: Core Concepts in Data Structures
27153. Pro jQuery 2.0
27154. Beginning Windows 8.1
27155. Pro SharePoint Disaster Recovery and High Availability
27156. Beginning Java with WebSphere
27157. C++ Quick Syntax Reference
27158. Pro Oracle SQL
27159. The Handbook of Financial Modeling: A Practical Approach to Creating and Implementing Valuation Projection Models
27160. Have Fun, Get Paid: How to Make a Living with Your Creativity
27161. Pro iOS and Android Apps for Business: with jQuery Mobile, Node.js, and MongoDB
27162. Node.js Recipes
27164. From Photoshop to Dreamweaver: 3 Steps to Great Visual Web Design
27165. Flash MX Video
27166. Dave Baum’s Definitive Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS
27167. Web Services Business Strategies and Architectures
27168. Build Your First Website with Flash MX
27169. Flash Math Creativity
27170. Foundation Web Design
27171. Flash MX Application & Interface Design: Data delivery, navigation, and fun in Flash MX, XML, and PHP
27172. Foundation Flash MX Applications
27173. Photoshop Elements 2 Face Makeovers: Digital Makeovers of Friends & Family
27174. New Masters of Flash: The 2002 Annual
27175. Photoshop Face to Face
27176. Flash Video Creativity
27177. A Visual Basic 6 Programmer’s Toolkit
27178. Photoshop 7 Zero to Hero
27179. New Masters of Photoshop
27180. Photoshop Elements 2 Most Wanted
27181. Photoshop 7 and Illustrator 10: Create Great Advanced Graphics
27182. Getting a Business Loan: Financing Your Main Street Business
27183. HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js
27184. Pro ASP.NET Web API: HTTP Web Services in ASP.NET
27185. Enterprise iPhone and iPad Administrator’s Guide
27186. Pro Telerik ASP.NET and Silverlight Controls: Master Telerik Controls for Advanced ASP.NET and Silverlight Projects
27187. Beginning Silverlight 3: From Novice to Professional
27188. SQL: Access to SQL Server
27189. Oracle9i PL/SQL: A Developer’s Guide
27190. Karl Moore’s Visual Basic .NET: The Tutorials
27191. Writing Perl Modules for CPAN
27192. Moving to VB.NET: Strategies, Concepts, and Code
27193. J2EE FrontEnd Technologies: A Programmer’s Guide to Servlets, JavaServer Pages, and Enterprise JavaBeans
27194. The Handbook for Reluctant Database Administrators
27195. Pocket PC Database Development with Embedded Visual Basic
27196. Architecting Web Services
27197. The qmail Handbook
27198. A Programmer’s Guide to ADO.NET in C#
27199. Database Programming with VB.NET
27200. Taming Java Threads
27201. Mike and Phani’s Essential C++ Techniques
27202. Learn How to Program: Using Any Web Browser
27203. Distributed .NET Programming in VB .NET
27204. Real-World SQL-DMO for SQL Server
27205. BizTalk Server 2002 Design and Implementation
27206. Adobe Acrobat 5: The Professional User’s Guide
27207. ADO.NET Examples and Best Practices for C# Programmers
27208. Moving to ASP.NET: Web Development with VB .NET
27209. Pro WF: Windows Workflow in .NET 3.5
27210. A Programmer’s Guide to Jini™ Technology
27211. User Interface Design for Programmers
27212. Data Mining and Statistical Analysis Using SQL
27213. Doing Web Development: Client-Side Techniques
27214. Apache Jakarta Tomcat
27215. Voice Enabling Web Applications: VoiceXML and Beyond
27216. Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Platform: An Advanced Guide
27217. Mobile .NET
27218. Programming VB .NET: A Guide For Experienced Programmers
27219. .NET Security
27220. User Interfaces in VB .NET: Windows Forms and Custom Controls
27221. User Interfaces in C#: Windows Forms and Custom Controls
27222. Advanced .NET Remoting
27223. Real-World ASP.NET: Building a Content Management System
27224. Herding Cats: A Primer for Programmers Who Lead Programmers
27225. XML Programming Using the Microsoft XML Parser
27226. GDI+ Programming in C# and VB .NET
27227. COM and .NET Interoperability
27228. Peer-to-Peer with VB .NET
27229. The Ultimate VB .NET and ASP.NET Code Book
27230. Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted
27231. Photoshop 7 Professional Photographic Techniques
27232. Accessibility for Everyone: Understanding the Section 508 Accessibility Requirements
27233. COBOL and Visual Basic on .NET: A Guide for the Reformed Mainframe Programmer
27234. Enterprise JavaBeans 2.1
27235. Using and Understanding Java Data Objects
27236. .NET System Management Services
27237. Decompiling Java
27238. Holub on Patterns: Learning Design Patterns by Looking at Code
27239. Office 2003 XML for Power Users
27240. Enterprise Development with Visual Studio .NET, UML, and MSF
27241. Moving to VB .NET: Strategies, Concepts, and Code
27242. Beginning SQL Queries: From Novice to Professional
27243. The Best of Verity Stob: Highlights of Verity Stob’s Famous Columns From EXE, Dr. Dobb’s Journal, and The Register
27244. Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots: Part 2: Translational Topologies with Two and Three Degrees of Freedom
27245. Jellyfish Blooms: Causes, Consequences, and Recent Advances: Proceedings of the Second International Jellyfish Blooms Symposium, held at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 24–27 June, 2007
27246. Mechanical Systems, Classical Models: Volume II: Mechanics of Discrete and Continuous Systems
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27249. Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions: Volume I: Absorbing Phase Transitions
27250. Partial Differential Equations: Modeling and Numerical Simulation
27251. Modalities and Multimodalities: With the assistance and collaboration of Juliana Bueno-Soler
27252. Fish and Diadromy in Europe (ecology, management, conservation): Proceedings of the symposium held 29 March – 1 April 2005, Bordeaux, France
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27257. Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks: IFIP 18th World Computer Congress TC5 / WG5.5 - 5th Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises 22–27 August 2004 Toulouse, France
27258. History of Computing in Education: IFIP 18th World Computer Congress TC3/TC9 1st Conference on the History of Computing in Education 22–27 August 2004 Toulouse, France
27259. Citizenship Education in Asia and the Pacific: Concepts and Issues
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27261. Wireless Sensor Networks
27262. The Handbook of Data Communications and Networks: Volume 1. Volume 2
27263. NMR in Biological Systems: From Molecules to Humans
27264. Self-Consistent Methods for Composites: Vol.1: Static Problems
27265. Terahertz Frequency Detection and Identification of Materials and Objects
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27268. New Narratives in Eighteenth-Century Chemistry: Contributions from the First Francis Bacon Workshop, 21–23 April 2005, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California
27269. A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings: Small-Scale History Paintings
27270. Mineral Resource Estimation
27271. Neoproterozoic Geobiology and Paleobiology
27272. Surface Chemistry in Biomedical and Environmental Science
27273. The Explanatory Power of Models: Bridging the Gap between Empirical and Theoretical Research in the Social Sciences
27274. Flood Risk Management: Hazards, Vulnerability and Mitigation Measures
27275. Functional Properties of Nanostructured Materials
27276. A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings: The Self-Portraits
27277. Surface Plasmon Nanophotonics
27278. Ludwig Wittgenstein: Half-Truths and One-and-a-Half-Truths
27279. Gas Transport in Porous Media
27280. Ionic Soft Matter: Modern Trends in Theory and Applications: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Ionic Soft Matter: Modern Trends in Theory and Applications Lviv, Ukraine 14–17 April 2004
27281. Fuel Cell Technologies: State and Perspectives: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Fuel Cell Technologies: State and Perspectives Kyiv, Ukraine 6–10 June 2004
27282. Zinc Oxide — A Material for Micro- and Optoelectronic Applications
27283. Cyberspace Security and Defense: Research Issues: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Cyberspace Security and Defense: Research Issues Gdansk, Poland 6–9 September 2004
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27290. The Comparative Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on The Comparative Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems Nida, Lithuania 4–9 October 2003
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27292. Chaotic Dynamics and Transport in Classical and Quantum Systems: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on International Summer School on Chaotic Dynamics and Transport in Classical and Quantum Systems Cargèse, Corsica 18–30 August 2003
27293. Valuing Oil Spill Prevention: A Case Study of California’s Central Coast
27294. Language, Knowledge, and Representation: Proceedings of the Sixth International Colloquium on Cognitive Science (ICCS-99)
27295. Computer Simulations of Liquid Crystals and Polymers: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Computational Methods for Polymers and Liquid Crystalline Polymers Erice, Italy 16–22 July 2003
27296. The Death of Argument: Fallacies in Agent Based Reasoning
27297. Magnetoelectric Interaction Phenomena in Crystals
27298. Structure and Dynamics of Elementary Matter
27299. Automated Model Building
27300. IUTAM Symposium on Asymptotics, Singularities and Homogenisation in Problems of Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, 8–11 July 2002
27301. Soft X-Ray Emission from Clusters of Galaxies and Related Phenomena
27302. Supermassive Black Holes in the Distant Universe
27303. Applied Geography: A World Perspective
27304. Novel Approaches to the Structure and Dynamics of Liquids: Experiments, Theories and Simulations
27305. Quality-of-Life Research on Children and Adolescents
27306. IUTAM Symposium on Evolutionary Methods in Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Cracow, Poland, 24–27 September, 2002
27307. Nonlinear Physical Oceanography: A Dynamical Systems Approach to the Large Scale Ocean Circulation and El Niño
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27309. Fundamental Problems of Mesoscopic Physics: Interactions and Decoherence
27310. Metallic Materials with High Structural Efficiency
27311. IUTAM Symposium on Mesoscopic Dynamics of Fracture Process and Materials Strength: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Osaka, Japan, 6–11 July 2003
27312. Exponential Fitting
27313. Knowing Bodies, Moving Minds: Towards Embodied Teaching and Learning
27314. Galois Connections and Applications
27315. Controversies in the Management of Gynecological Cancers
27316. Acute Pediatric Neurology
27317. Advanced Calculus: A Differential Forms Approach
27318. A Probability Path
27319. Stochastic Calculus: Applications in Science and Engineering
27320. An Introduction to the Langlands Program
27321. An Introduction to Frames and Riesz Bases
27322. 102 Combinatorial Problems: From the Training of the USA IMO Team
27323. Parametric and Semiparametric Models with Applications to Reliability, Survival Analysis, and Quality of Life
27324. Analysis of Variance for Random Models: Volume I: Balanced Data Theory, Methods, Applications and Data Analysis
27325. Dynamical Systems with Applications using MATLAB®
27326. A Path to Combinatorics for Undergraduates: Counting Strategies
27327. Wavelets Through a Looking Glass: The World of the Spectrum
27328. The Evolution of Applied Harmonic Analysis: Models of the Real World
27329. Linear Algebra
27330. Advanced Real Analysis: Along with a companion volume Basic Real Analysis
27331. Basic Real Analysis: Along with a companion volume Advanced Real Analysis
27332. Harmonic Analysis and Hypergroups
27333. Male and Female Circumcision: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice
27334. Current Issues in Computational Linguistics: In Honour of Don Walker
27335. The First Immigrants from Asia: A Population History of the North American Indians
27336. A Concrete Approach to Classical Analysis
27337. Encyclopedia of Multimedia
27338. The Neuropsychology of Women
27339. Monte Carlo Strategies in Scientific Computing
27340. Extreme Values, Regular Variation and Point Processes
27341. Fundamentals of Antimicrobial Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
27342. Physics and Properties of Narrow Gap Semiconductors
27343. Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
27344. Scalar and Asymptotic Scalar Derivatives: Theory and Applications
27345. Practitioner’s Guide to Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children
27346. Handbook of School Mental Health Advancing Practice and Research
27347. Motivational Aspects of Prejudice and Racism
27348. Fish Bioacoustics: With 81 Illustrations
27349. Encyclopedia of Biometrics
27350. The Neuropsychology of Attention
27351. Global Conflict Resolution Through Positioning Analysis
27352. Emerging and Young Adulthood: Multiple Perspectives, Diverse Narratives
27353. Contemporary Medical Acupuncture: — A Systems Approach
27354. Nanostructured Coatings
27355. Child Neuropsychology: Assessment and Interventions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
27356. Encyclopedia of Database Systems
27357. Quantum Information: An Overview
27358. Broadband Communications: Convergence of Network Technologies
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27362. Mineralogy
27363. Encyclopedia of Multimedia
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27367. Violence in Schools: Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
27368. Malaria: Genetic and Evolutionary Aspects
27369. Conflicts between Generalization, Rigor, and Intuition: Number Concepts Underlying the Development of Analysis in 17–19th Century France and Germany
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27371. Guide to Effective Grant Writing: How to Write an Effective NIH Grant Application
27372. Economics of Accounting: Volume II — Performance Evaluation
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27377. Mathematica® for Theoretical Physics: Classical Mechanics and Nonlinear Dynamics Volume 1
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27438. Tragedie e frammenti
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27453. Capitalist Globalization: Consequences, Resistance, and Alternatives
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27589. The Buddha Walks into a Bar...: A Guide to Life for a New Generation
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27611. Gross Domestic Problem: The Politics Behind the World's Most Powerful Number
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27619. Evil Psychopaths: Dangerous and Deranged
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27621. Pele negra, máscaras brancas
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27625. Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality
27626. Международные финансы. Часть 2
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27634. 30 Days to a More Powerful Memory
27635. Формирование ключевых компетенций учащихся в процессе обучения физике в школе
27636. Финансовые вычисления
27637. Метод финансового права
27638. История государственного управления в России
27639. Государственно-частное партнерство в научно-инновационной сфере
27640. Проблема универсального в профессиональном образовании
27641. Деньги. Кредит. Банки. Ценные бумаги
27642. Программирование постоянных запоминающих устройств вычислительных средств систем управления
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27645. Статистика. Завтра экзамен
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27649. Социальная работа: Учебное пособие
27650. Феномен художественности: от Пушкина до Чехова:
27651. Реальные опционы в оценке бизнеса и инвестиций
27652. Stilling the Mind: Shamatha Teachings from Dudjom Lingpa's Vajra Essence
27653. Database Systems: The Complete Book
27654. The Dead Sea Scrolls and Pauline Literature
27656. Конфликтология
27657. Практическая стилистика русского языка
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27663. Планирование на предприятии : практ. пособие
27664. УЧЕБНОЕ ПОСОБИЕ по дисциплине «Архитектура систем на кристалле»
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27673. Dialektika in metafizika pri Aristotelu
27674. Homology of commutative rings
27675. The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
27676. The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
27677. The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing
27678. Wine and Wine Offering in the Religion of Ancient Egypt
27679. The Norman Conquest of the North: The Region and Its Transformation, 1000-1135
27680. The Ancient Near East: History, Society and Economy
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27693. Legged Robots That Balance
27694. A Gift to Myself: A Personal Workbook and Guide to \"Healing the Child Within"
27695. Pediatric Craniovertebral Junction Diseases: Surgical Management of Craniovertebral Junction Diseases in Children
27696. Acute Pediatric Neurology
27697. Google Voice For Dummies
27698. Paleo For Beginners: The Healthy Diet To Lose Weight, Burn Fat Fast and Build Muscle
27699. A Practical Guide to the Eustachian Tube
27700. Os Filhos de Húrin
27701. Os Filhos de Húrin
27702. Psychiatry, Human Rights and the Law
27703. Red Flags: A Guide to Identifying Serious Pathology of the Spine, 1e
27704. Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days
27705. Keepers: Two Home Cooks Share Their Tried-and-True Weeknight Recipes and the Secrets to Happiness in the Kitchen
27706. Have a New Kid by Friday: How to Change Your Child's Attitude, Behavior & Character in 5 Days
27707. Cooking for Two 2013
27708. A Gift to Myself: A Personal Workbook and Guide to \"Healing the Child Within"
27709. De Anima: On the Soul
27710. Fast Food Fix: 75+ Amazing Recipe Makeovers of Your Fast Food Restaurant Favorites
27711. Popular Protest in East Germany
27712. Justice Perverted: Sex Offense Law, Psychology, and Public Policy
27713. Principles of Assessment and Outcome Measurement for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists: Theory, Skills and Application
27714. Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell Volume Two - Painting Inspirations
27715. Healing The Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
27716. Midnight Munchies: More Than 60 Quick-Fix Snacks
27717. Rheumatology: Evidence-Based Practice for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, 1e
27718. Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Their Representations
27719. The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary
27720. Germany's New Right as Culture and Politics
27721. In Medias Res: Peter Sloterdijk's Spherological Poetics of Being
27722. Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World
27723. The Can't Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!
27724. Confronting Cyber-Bullying: What Schools Need to Know to Control Misconduct and Avoid Legal Consequences
27725. User's Guide to ASTM Specification C94 on Ready-Mixed Concrete
27726. Healing The Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
27727. Pediatric Sports Medicine for the Practitioner: From Physiologic Principles to Clinical Applications
27728. Walking the Victorian Streets: Women, Representation, and the City
27729. Streetwalking the Metropolis: Women, the City, and Modernity
27730. Como Funciona a Ciência
27731. Elements of X-Ray Diffraction
27732. Contribuição-à-crítica-da-economia-política
27733. Supplementary Material and Answers for International Economics, 7th Edition
27734. Buddhismo. Testi sanscriti del Grande Veicolo
27735. Buddhismo. Testi antichi dal Canone Pāli
27736. Preferential Trade Agreements: A Law and Economics Analysis
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27738. Tutte le opere
27739. McGraw-Hill's Proofreading Handbook
27740. Il teatro greco. Tutte le tragedie
27741. The Total Film Maker
27742. Очерк грамматики алюторского языка
27743. Spanish Grammar in Context
27744. Spanish Grammar in Context
27745. Colloquial Urdu: The Complete Course for Beginners
27746. The Dream of Reason: A History of Western Philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance
27747. The Heirloom Life Gardener: The Baker Creek Way of Growing Your Own Food Easily and Naturally
27748. Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness
27749. Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical Facilities
27750. Software Takes Command
27751. Ostrowski Type Inequalities and Applications in Numerical Integration
27752. The Idea of a Town: The Anthropology of Urban Form in Rome, Italy and the Ancient World
27753. Теория и практика структурного программирования
27754. Folksonomies. Indexing and Retrieval in Web 2.0
27755. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
27756. Реальный English. Как подружиться с грамматикой раз и навсегда
27757. Urania állatvilág. Madarak
27758. Urani állatvilág Halak, kétéltűek, hüllők
27759. Urania állatvilág. Emlősök
27760. TechGnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism in the Age of Information
27761. Magyar madárnevek
27762. Bevezetés a geometriába
27763. A magyar sportnyelv története és jelene
27764. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 12
27765. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 11
27766. Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization
27767. Shame & Guilt: Masters of Disguise
27768. Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics, Volume 2: Stellar Atmospheres
27769. Hearts And Minds: Self-Esteem And The Schooling Of Girls
27770. An Invitation to Operator Theory
27771. Adherence to Antipsychotics in Schizophrenia
27772. Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization
27773. The Collected Critical Heritage I: Thomas Hardy: The Critical Heritage
27774. The Daddy Shift: How Stay-at-Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms, and Shared Parenting Are Transforming the American Family
27775. Mastering Photoshop Layers: A Photographer's Guide
27776. Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell Volume One - Painting Basics
27777. Career Training and Personal Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Practical Resource for Schools
27778. Natural Power Foods: Healthy Foods and Recipes to Lift Your Mood and Boost Your Energy Levels
27779. Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
27780. Training Guide: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
27781. Quantified Eco-Efficiency: An Introduction with Applications
27782. Men's Health
27783. Marketing Research for Non-profit, Community and Creative Organizations
27784. Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
27785. Shame & Guilt: Masters of Disguise
27786. Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
27787. Superconvergence in Galerkin Finite Element Methods
27788. Vícios do Produto no Novo Código Civil e no Código de Defesa do Consumidor
27789. Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone's Northern Range
27790. The Working Memory Advantage: Train Your Brain to Function Stronger, Smarter, Faster
27791. Buddha-nature, Mind, and the Problem of Gradualism in a Comparative Perspective: On the Transmission and Reception of Buddhism in India and Tibet
27792. Εργατικές Ιστορίες (Συνεντεύξεις με πρωταγωνιστές του εργατικού κινήματος στην Ελλάδα από το 1920 έως το 1967)
27793. Computer Graphics, C Version
27794. Εργατικές Ιστορίες (Συνεντεύξεις με πρωταγωνιστές του εργατικού κινήματος στην Ελλάδα από το 1920 έως το 1967)
27795. Mom
27796. Hell's Angels, le clan de la terreur
27797. L'industrie de l'Holocauste : réflexions sur l'exploitation de la souffrance des juifs
27798. Manipuler, pourquoi et comment
27799. Lo spirito in figura. Il tema dell'estetico nella «Fenomenologia dello spirito» di Hegel
27800. Nuova storia della filosofia occidentale. Filosofie dell'età contemporanea
27801. Nuova storia della filosofia occidentale. Filosofia moderna
27802. Nuova storia della filosofia occidentale. Filosofia medievale
27803. Nuova storia della filosofia occidentale. Filosofia antica
27804. Handbook of Graph Theory, Second Edition
27805. Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing
27806. Political Research: Methods and Practical Skills
27807. O anjo da História
27808. Perfect Soldiers: The 9/11 Hijackers: Who They Were, Why They Did It
27809. Το Πρώτο Συνέδριο του ΣΕΚΕ (Πρακτικά)
27810. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 10
27811. The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen
27812. L'usage du tamis en philosophie
27813. Terra incognita.net
27814. Aventures d'un gourmand vagabond
27815. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 9.
27816. Finite Element Methods and Their Applications
27817. Aha! Solutions
27818. Curbside Consultation in Glaucoma: 49 Clinical Questions
27819. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 8.
27820. Love Is the Best Medicine: What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian about Hope, Humility, and Everyday Miracles
27821. Das Erziehungs-ABC: von Angst bis Zorn
27822. Love Is the Best Medicine: What Two Dogs Taught One Veterinarian about Hope, Humility, and Everyday Miracles
27823. The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life
27824. The Essential Book of Fermentation: Great Taste and Good Health with Probiotic Foods
27825. Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D For Dummies
27826. Late Roman Towns in Britain: Rethinking Change and Decline
27827. A Hilbert Space Problem Book
27828. Double Standard: Social Policy in Europe and the United States
27829. Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing, 10e
27830. Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare From Stalingrad to Iraq
27831. ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer
27832. Teacher Learning and Development: The Mirror Maze
27833. Thirteen: The Apollo Flight That Failed
27834. Easy-to-Make Arts and Crafts Lamps and Shades
27835. Mean Genes: From Sex to Money to Food: Taming Our Primal Instincts
27836. A Weekend with Ellen Adarna
27837. Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges, 7e
27838. Advances in Computers, Volume 84: Dependable and Secure Systems Engineering
27839. Dictionary of Property and Construction Law
27840. Three Strikes: Miners, Musicians, Salesgirls, and the Fighting Spirit of Labor's Last Century
27841. 101 Secrets For Your Twenties
27842. Smarter: The New Science of Building Brain Power
27843. Solving the Procrastination Puzzle: A Concise Guide to Strategies for Change
27844. I Hate to Leave This Beautiful Place
27845. Israël : Le nouvel apartheid
27846. Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
27847. Marksist Değer Teorisi
27848. Астральная проекция для начинающих. Шесть техник для путешествия в другие миры
27849. Exploration and Meaning Making in the Learning of Science
27850. La passione di Perpetua e Felicita. Testo latino a fronte
27851. Trentadue ore di filosofia antica
27852. One Day It'll All Make Sense
27853. Uscite dalla caverna
27854. Tutto il cinema di Truffaut
27855. Теплообмен при кипении
27856. Marx, istruzioni per l'uso
27857. La Repubblica di Platone
27858. Lettere dal carcere (1926-1937)
27859. Βιταμίνες, Ιχνοστοιχεία, Συμπληρώματα Διατροφής & Δρόγες - Τόμος Β
27860. Os Gregos e o Irracional
27861. Βιταμίνες, Ιχνοστοιχεία, Συμπληρώματα Διατροφής & Δρόγες - Τόμος Α
27862. Forgotten Sacrifice: The Arctic Convoys of World War II
27863. ACTEX Study Manual: SOA Exam MLC - Spring 2013 Edition
27864. ACTEX Study Manual: SOA Exam MLC - Spring 2013 Edition
27865. Taxonomie et nomenclature des Diatrypacees a asques octospores
27866. El contenido de la forma: Narrativa, discurso y representación histórica
27867. Paul Lévy and Maurice Fréchet: 50 Years of Correspondence in 107 Letters
27868. C: A Reference Manual
27869. Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way
27870. A First Course in Abstract Algebra: Rings, Groups and Fields, Second Edition
27871. The Barbarians: An Essay On the Mutation of Culture
27872. Дискурс власти и власть дискурса : проблемы речевого воздействия : учеб. Пособие
27873. Территория кризиса: принципы экономического ориентирования
27874. Введение в методику обучения литературе.
27875. Практикум по финансовому праву
27876. Экономика отрасли. Учебное пособие.
27877. Корпоративные информационные системы. Учебник для вузов. Стандарт третьего поколения
27878. Психология и педагогика. Завтра экзамен
27879. Музыкальное развитие леворукого ребенка
27880. Валютное право
27881. Роман И.А. Гончарова «Обломов»: Путеводитель по тексту
27882. Квантовая логика
27883. Языковые контакты: краткий словарь
27884. Радиоэкология и радиационная безопасность
27885. Представляем C#
27886. Политические технологии: ПР и реклама
27887. Риторика. Экспресс-курс
27888. Межотраслевые правила по охране труда при погрузочно-разгрузочных работах и размещении грузов в вопросах и ответах: Пособие для изучения и подготовки к проверке знаний
27889. Инновационные направления современных международных отношений
27890. Заметки на салфетках. Как за кружкой пива придумать бизнес и превратить его в стоящее дело.
27891. Элементы квантовой механики
27892. Английская поэзия для детей на языке оригинала и в русских переводах
27893. Развитие системы управления долговыми обязательствами региона:монография
27894. Сестринское дело. Анализ и оценка теорий.
27895. Особенности деформирования образцов горных пород в пред- разрушающей стадии нагружения
27896. Русская проза XXI века в критике : рефлексия, оценки, методика описания
27897. Математический анализ: ряды : учебное пособие
27898. Особенности вскармливания детей грудного возраста
27899. Права человека
27900. Культурная интеграция как основная стратегия культурной политики Европейского союза
27901. Достижение целей на 100%. Создаем жизнь своей мечты
27902. Организация сервисной деятельности
27903. Стандартизация бухгалтерского учета и отчетности: Зарубежный и российский опыт, 3-е изд.
27904. Пожарная безопасность сельскохозяйственных предприятий: Справочник
27905. Иллюзии свободы. Российские СМИ в эпоху перемен (1985–2009)
27906. Экономика, маркетинг, менеджмент
27907. Экономика организации (предприятия): Учебник
27908. Лингвистические задачи
27909. Экономическое обоснование развития предприятий россыпной золотодобычи на основе формирования системы проектного финансирования
27910. Лучшие психотехники успеха
27911. Γιάννης Σκαρίμπας : ο ιδαλγός της Χαλκίδας
27912. Поведение потребителей
27913. Гистология, цитология и эмбриология
27914. Терминологическая деривация в языке науки: когнитивность, семиотичность, функциональность
27915. Теория управления.
27917. Линейная алгебра : учебное пособие
27918. Три века русского развода (XVI–XVIII века)
27919. Методика обучения литературе: практикум
27920. Культура научной и деловой речи
27921. Ο άλλος Σκαρίμπας
27922. Технология материалов и изделий электронной техники: учебное пособие (часть 2) для студентов направления «Электроника и микроэлектроника» (специальность «Электронные приборы и устройства»
27923. Юридическая этика: Учебник
27924. Για τον Σκαρίμπα
27925. Реклама в социально-культурном сервисе и туризме: Учебное пособие
27926. Хроническая усталость. Как ее победить
27927. Интегральные устройства радиоэлектроники. Часть 1. Основные структуры полупроводниковых интегральных схем
27928. Ядерная физика и физика элементарных частиц
27929. Πρακτικά Α΄ Πανελλήνιου Συνεδρίου για τον Γιάννη Σκαρίμπα
27930. Основы технологии оптических материалов и изделий: учебное пособие (часть 2) для студентов направления «Фотоника и оптоинформатика»
27931. Электростатика. Постоянный электрический ток. Часть ΙΙΙ: сборник индивидуальных заданий по физике
27932. Разработка основ создания экспертной системы по оптимизации параметров разворота механизированного комплекса
27933. Юридическая этика: ответы на экзаменац. вопр.
27934. История экономики
27935. Технология материалов и изделий электронной техники: учебное пособие (часть 2) для студентов направления «Электроника и микроэлектроника» (специальность «Электронные приборы и устройства»
27936. Компьютерные технологии в математической деятельности педагога физико-математического направления
27937. Интегральные устройства радиоэлектроники. Часть 2. Элементы интегральных схем и функциональные устройства
27938. Английский язык для бакалавров экономических специальностей.
27939. Общая психология и педагогика: ответы на экзаменац. вопр.
27940. Логика и методология науки: Современное гуманитарное познание и его перспективы: учеб. пособие.
27941. Краткий словарь украшений
27942. Договор репо в гражданском праве
27944. Современное состояние угольной промышленности и перспективы инновационного развития
27945. Существительные в современном русском языке
27946. Политический регион: опыт операционализации и концептуализации понятия
27948. Построение просодической модели структурной организации речевого акта на английском языке (в условиях русско-английской интерференции)
27949. История религии. Хрестоматия
27950. Метафора в политической коммуникации
27951. Логика: Учебник для студентов юридических вузов.
27952. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 7.
27953. Цифровая обработка видеоизображений
27954. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 6.
27955. Természethistóriai képeskönyv 5.
27956. Английский язык. Учебник для экономических специальностей
27957. Системные взаимосвязи бухгалтерского учета и налогового менеджмента
27958. Делопроизводство и архивное дело в терминах и определениях : учеб. пособие
27959. Мать, тревога и смерть. Комплекс трагической смерти
27960. Трудовое право России: совместительство. Дифференциация или дискриминация?
27961. Правоведение. Ч 2.
27962. Инновационный менеджмент
27963. Лиризм русской прозы 30-х годов XIX века
27964. Правила безопасности при эксплуатации электроустановок в вопросах и ответах. Пособие для изучения и подготовки к проверке знаний
27965. Введение в квантовую и оптическую электронику
27966. Теоретические и экспериментальные исследования процесса гидрофобизации сырья в СВЧ обработке
27967. Термин как единица логоса: монография
27968. Таможенное право России : Курс лекций
27969. Конфликтный дискурс: социолингвистический и прагмалингвистический аспекты
27970. Человек агрессивный. (Истоки международного терроризма)
27971. Криминалистика: ответы на экзаменационные вопросы
27972. Создание условий для адаптации первокурсников к учебному процессу в высшей школе
27973. Английский язык: профессиональное общение специалистов в сфере технологии сырья и продуктов животного происхождения (Технология мяса и мясных продуктов)
27974. Hatred Of Democracy
27975. Аналитическая химия. Физико-химические методы анализа.
27976. Уголовное право. Особенная часть: ответы на экзаменац. вопр.
27977. Общее языкознание и история языкознания
27978. Политология. Международные отношения
27979. Русский язык и культура речи
27980. Русские фамилии : популярный этимологический словарь
27981. Русская орфография: алгоримизированные схемы, тесты, упражнения
27982. Международные стандарты финансовой отчетности : учеб. пособие
27983. Налоговое администрирование: Учебник
27984. Семейное право: ответы на экзаменац. вопр.
27985. Современный русский язык. Синтаксис сложного предложения (теоретический курс)
27986. Гражданское право. Завтра экзамен. 2-е изд., переработанное
27987. Бюджетная система Российской Федерации: Учебник
27988. Экономика труда: Учебник для бакалавров
27989. Формирование стратегии развития производственных процессов подземного рудника (на примере Сибайского филиала Учалинского ГОКа)
27991. Экономическая теория: ответы на экзаменац. вопр.
27992. Расчет переходных процессов в линейных электрических цепях: Методические указания
27993. Политическая лингвистика
27994. Религиоведение: ответы на экзамен. вопр.
27995. Machine-Building Automation. Автоматизация машиностроения
27996. Обучение младших школьников математике по учебно-методическому комплекту «Перспективная начальная школа»
27997. Трудовое право. Краткий курс. 2-е изд., переработанное и дополненное
27998. Обучение эмоциональному речевому воздействию.
27999. Система управления инновационной деятельностью предприятия
28000. Методы и средства измерения в волоконно-оптических телекоммуникационных системах
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