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 Rudolf Krönert, Martin Volk, Uta Steinhardt (auth.), Professor Dr. Rudolf Krönert, Dr. Uta Steinhardt, Dr. Martin Volk (eds.)
Roland Paepe (auth.), Roland Paepe, Vladimir P. Melnikov, Elfi Van Overloop, Vladimir D. Gorokhov (eds.)
Masaki Yanagishita (auth.), Renato V. Iozzo MD (eds.)
Johannes M. Zanker, Jochen Zeil (auth.), Johannes M. Zanker, Jochen Zeil (eds.)
Barbara Guerra, Karsten Niefind (auth.), Khalil Ahmed, Olaf-Georg Issinger, Jorge E Allende (eds.)
B. Sugden, E. R. Leight (auth.), Professor Dr. Kenzo Takada (eds.)
Peter Bannister, Gilbert Neuner (auth.), Francine J. Bigras, Steve J. Colombo (eds.)
V. A. Johnson (auth.), Z. Bedö, L. Láng (eds.)
K. Kümmerer (auth.), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Klaus Kümmerer (eds.)
G. Aiello, V. Budillon, G. Cristofalo, B. D’Argenio, G. de Alteriis, M. De Lauro (auth.), Professor Dr. Francesco Maria Faranda, Professor Dr. Letterio Guglielmo, Professor Dr. GianCarlo Spezie (eds.)
Alle Bruggink, Peter D. Roy (auth.), Alle Bruggink (eds.)
Andrew C. Millington, Stephen J. Walsh (auth.), Andrew C. Millington, Stephen J. Walsh, Patrick E. Osborne (eds.)
H. Kisaka, M. Kisaka, A. Kanno, T. Kameya (auth.), Professor Dr. Toshiyuki Nagata, Professor Dr. Y. P. S. Bajaj (eds.)
Simona Bartl (auth.), Gregory Beck, Manickam Sugumaran, Edwin L. Cooper (eds.)
Konrad Mengel, Ernest A. Kirkby, Harald Kosegarten (auth.), Konrad Mengel, Ernest A. Kirkby, Harald Kosegarten, Thomas Appel (eds.)
Stanley Fields, Paul L. Bartel (auth.), Paul N. MacDonald (eds.)
Harro Maat (auth.)
Claudia Ricci (auth.), L. Sanoamuang, H. Segers, R. J. Shiel, R. D. Gulati (eds.)
John M. Marzluff, Reed Bowman, Roarke Donnelly (auth.), John M. Marzluff, Reed Bowman, Roarke Donnelly (eds.)
Charles R. Brown, Mary Bomberger Brown (auth.), Val Nolan Jr., Charles F. Thompson (eds.)
Nick Carpita, Mary Tierney, Malcolm Campbell (auth.), N. C. Carpita, M. Campbell, M. Tierney (eds.)
Prof. Dr. Volkmar Braun (auth.)
Hildo B. Krop, Paul C. M. van Noort (auth.), Dr. George W. Ware (eds.)
Yang Li, Linda A. Lam, Zhengya Yu, Zhenglin Yang, Paul Bither, Kang Zhang (auth.), Robert E. Anderson, Matthew M. LaVail, Joe G. Hollyfield (eds.)
Jeng-Sheng Huang (auth.)
Thomas D. Brock (auth.), Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Mary Voytek, Rocco Mancinelli (eds.)
Michael Wink (auth.), Prof. Dr. Michael Wink (eds.)
Kevin E. Nelson, Antonio Lazcano, Stanley L. Miller (auth.), JuliÁn Chela-Flores, Tobias Owen, François Raulin (eds.)
Lawrence O. Copeland, Miller B. McDonald (auth.)
Frederick R. Schram (auth.), José P. M. Paula, Augusto A. V. Flores, Charles H. J. M. Fransen (eds.)
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 Gauge treatment of gravity
Exact computations with real expressions
Квантовая электродинамика
Справочное руководство по физике. Фундаментальные концепции, основные уравнения и формулы
Стохастические методы в естественных науках
Fundamentals of electrical engineering
Начертательная геометрия
Ряд Лорана для решений эллиптических систем
Matrix inequalities
Reading floating-point numbers accurately
Algorithm 139, solutions of Diophantine equation CACM 1962

Дискретная математика графы, матроиды, алгоритмы : учебное пособие
Ветвящиеся интегралы, Гаусс-Манин
Синтаксические структуры

Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation
Handbook of brain theory and neural networks
Том 4. Большой китайско-русский словарь
 The isotropic universe : an introduction to cosmology
The Java tutorial : object-oriented programming for the Internet
The John Brimhall piano method
The KFM, A Homemade Yet Accurate and Dependable Fallout Meter
The kind of motion we call heat : a history of the kinetic theory of gases in the 19th century
The king : chess pieces
The knights templars
The Korean language
The Outbreak : 27 June-15 September 1950
The Korean War : years of stalemate, July 1951-July 1953
The language of computers
The vocabulary of science
The Laplace transform
The large scale structure of space-time
The last offensive
The last salute : civil and military funerals, 1921-1969
The Latino psychiatric patient : assessment and treatment
Proceedings of the 32nd Coral Gables Conference : the launching of la belle epoque of high energy physics & cosmology : a festschrift for Paul Frampton in his 60th year and memorial tributes to Behram Kursunoglu : Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 17-21 December 2003
The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin Vol 1
The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin Vol 2
Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI