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 J. Biegert (auth.), Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Hansjochem Autrum, Professor Dr. Ulrich Wolf (eds.)
Prof. Dr. Herbert Klosterhalfen (auth.), Prof. Dr. Joachim Kaufmann (eds.)
Dr. Emil Baader (auth.)
Heinrich Schipperges (auth.)
B. Bölger (auth.), Professor Dr. Franz R. Aussenegg, Dr. Alfred Leitner, Dr. Max E. Lippitsch (eds.)
Dr. H. Bünemann, Professor Dr. H. Frommhold, Professor Dr. H.-P. Heilmann, Professor Dr. H. Rösler, Professor Dr. P. Veraguth, Dr. E. Walther, Professor Dr. C. Wieland (auth.), Professor Dr. H.-P. Heilmann (eds.)
Frederick F. Holmes M.D. (auth.)
Claude Ponsard (auth.)
E. Lorenz (auth.), Dr. David M. Burridge, Dr. Erland Källén (eds.)
Prof. Lord Nicholas Kaldor (auth.), Prof. Dr. Bertram Schefold (eds.)
Dr. med. Werner Mombour (auth.)
Dr. med. Andreas Wille (auth.)
Professor Dr. med. Siegfried Häußler, Diplom-Betriebswirt Rolf Liebold, Professor Dr. jur. Helmut Narr (auth.)
G. Riecker (auth.), G. Autenrieth, R. Bayer, D. W. Behrenbeck, G. Biamino, H.-D. Bolte, F. Burkart, W.-D. Bussmann, J. Cyran, E. Erdmann, B. Heierli, F. Krück, Th. Linderer, G. Rahlf, G. Riecker, R. Schröder, G. Steinbeck, B. E. Strauer, K. O. Stumpe, E. Uhlich, J. Zähringer (eds.)
G. Nicolò, A. Carbone, M. Esposito, L. Santi (auth.), Professor Dr. G. Leclercq, Professor Dr. S. Toma, Professor Dr. R. Paridaens, Professor Dr. J. C. Heuson (eds.)
E. F. Avni (auth.), Dr. Gabriel Kalifa (eds.)
Professor Dr. W. E. Adam, Professor Dr. K. Alexander, Dr. F. Bitter, Dr. F. J. Bonte, Dr. L. M. Buja, Professor Dr. G. Buttermann, Professor Dr. K.-D. Ebel, Dr. H.-J. Engel, A. Kuruc, Dr. S. E. Lewis, Professor Dr. P. Lichtlen, Dr. J. A. Markisz, Professor Dr. H. W. Pabst, Professor Dr. R. W. Parkey, Dr. D. P. Pretschner, Professor Dr. N. Schad, Professor Dr. S. T. Treves, Dr. J. T. Willerson, Professor Dr. C. Winkler, Dr. W. G. Wood, Professor Dr. H. Hundeshagen (auth.), Professor Dr. H. Hundeshagen (eds.)
J. Bay, A. Burkhardt, R. Gahbauer, E. Meyer-Breiting, F. Mundinger, G. Poretti, E. M. Röttinger, H. Sack, W. Schlungbaum, W. Zaunbauer, A. Zuppinger (auth.), Professor Dr. H.-P. Heilmann (eds.)
Dr. M. Bamberg, Privatdozent Dr. D. van Beuningen, Professor Dr. W. Gössner, Professor Dr. Friedrich Heuck, Professor Dr. H. Jung, Dr. G. Keller, Dr. J. Kummermehr, Professor Dr. H.-A. Ladner, Professor Dr. W. Lierse, Privatdozent Dr. A. Luz, Professor Dr. J. Meissner, Professor Dr. O. Messerschmidt, Professor Dr. H. Mönig, Privatdozent Dr. M. Molls, Professor Dr. H. Muth, Professor Dr. W. Nothdurft, Professor Dr. H. Renner, Professor Dr. R. Sauer, Professor Dr. Eberhard Scherer, Professor Dr. G. Schmitt, Professor Dr. C. Streffer, Professor Dr. K.-R. Trott, Professor Dr. Dr. M. Wannenmacher, Dr. med. P. Wöllgens (auth.), Professor Dr. Friedrich Heuck, Professor Dr. Eberhard Scherer (eds.)
Steven G. Mann M.D. (auth.), Charles W. Scarantino Ph.D. (eds.)
Heinrich Schipperges (auth.), Professor Dr. med. Eduard Seidler (eds.)
A. Carmi (auth.), Judge Amnon Carmi (eds.)
Professor Dr. Boris Luban-Plozza (auth.)
Dr. O. H. Bertermann, M. F. Brennan (auth.), Professor Dr. L. Koslowski, Professor Dr. Christian Herfarth, Professor Dr. Uwe B. Brückner, Professor Dr. Peter Merkle (eds.)
Dipl.-Ing. Roland Paukert (auth.)
R. Hehlmann, H. Schetters, C. Leib-Mösch, V. Erfle (auth.), Priv.-Doz. Dr. Eckhard Thiel, Professor Dr. Stephan Thierfelder (eds.)
L. Shahani (auth.), Judge Amnon Carmi, Dr. Emanuel Chigier, Dr. Stanley Schneider (eds.)
Professor Dr. med. Frank Matakas, Dr. rer. pol. Herbert Berger, Dr. med. Helmut Koester, Dr. rer. pol. Aldo Legnaro (auth.)
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rodeck, Prof. Dr. Joachim Kaufmann (auth.)
Gisbert zu Putlitz (auth.)
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Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI