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 Interacting Stresses on Plants in a Changing Climate
New Horizons in Nitrogen Fixation: Proceedings of the 9th International Congress on Nitrogen Fixation, Cancun, Mexico, December 6–12, 1992
Macrophages and Related Cells
Perspektiven menschlichen Handelns: Umwelt und Ethik
Funktionelle Biochemie: Eine Einfuhrung in die medizinische Biochemie
On the Dynamics of Exploited Fish Populations
Evolution: An Evolving Theory
Meiobenthology: The Microscopic Fauna in Aquatic Sediments
Verfahrenstechnik in der Biotechnologie
Molecular and Cell Biology of the Plant Cell Cycle: Proceedings of a meeting held at Lancaster University, 9–10th April, 1992
Coronaviruses: Molecular Biology and Virus-Host Interactions
Histology of Ancient Human Bone: Methods and Diagnosis: Proceedings of the “Palaeohistology Workshop” held from 3–5 October 1990 at Gottingen
Medical Insects and Arachnids
The Role of Trees in Sustainable Agriculture: Review papers presented at the Australian Conference, The Role of Trees in Sustainable Agriculture, Albury, Victoria, Australia, October 1991
Molecular and Cell Biology of Opportunistic Infections in AIDS
The Excretory Function of Higher Plants
Current Status of Diagnostic Cytology
The Retroviridae
Cellular Function and Metabolism
 Industrial Mathematics: A Course in Solving Real-World Problems
Finite Element Solution of Boundary Value Problems: Theory and Computation (Classics in Applied Mathematics)
Multigrid Methods (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics)
A Course in Mathematical Biology: Quantitative Modeling with Mathematical and Computational (Monographs on Mathematical Modeling and Computation)
The Immersed Interface Method: Numerical Solutions of PDEs Involving Interfaces and Irregular Domains (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics)
Matrix Algorithms
The Lanczos and Conjugate Gradient Algorithms: From Theory to Finite Precision Computations (Software, Environments and Tools)
Lanczos Algorithms for Large Symmetric Eigenvalue Computations Volume 1: Theory (Classics in Applied Mathematics)
The structural representation of proximity matrices with MATLAB
Methods of Mathematical Economics: Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Fixed-Point Theorems (Classics in Applied Mathematics, 37)
The finite element method for elliptic problems
Afternotes Goes to Graduate School: Lectures on Advanced Numerical Analysis
Matrix Algorithms
Simulating, Analyzing, and Animating Dynamical Systems: A Guide to Xppaut for Researchers and Students (Software, Environments, Tools) (Software, Environments and Tools)
An introduction to variational inequalities and their applications
Fast reliable algorithms for matrices with structure
Russian - English, English - Russian dictionary on probability, statistics, and combinatorics
Branching in the presence of symmetry
Numerical Solution of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems (CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics)
Quantile processes with statistical applications
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