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 M. Mehdi Homayounpour (auth.), Hassan Shafazand, A. Min Tjoa (eds.)
Ian Foster (auth.), Rizos Sakellariou, John Gurd, Len Freeman, John Keane (eds.)
Young-ri Choi, Amit Garg, Siddhartha Rai, Jayadev Misra, Harrick Vin (auth.), Burkhard Monien, Rainer Feldmann (eds.)
C. A. R. Hoare (auth.), Harald Kosch, László Böszörményi, Hermann Hellwagner (eds.)
Carol Peters (auth.), Carol Peters, Martin Braschler, Julio Gonzalo, Michael Kluck (eds.)
Barry Evans
Gary B. Fogel, David W. Corne
Richard Balling (auth.), Carlos M. Fonseca, Peter J. Fleming, Eckart Zitzler, Lothar Thiele, Kalyanmoy Deb (eds.)
Jack A. Palmer, Linda K. Palmer
Owen Holland (auth.), Takashi Gomi (eds.)
Marc Vandenhoute, Francesco Masetti, Amaury Jourdan, Dominique Chiaroni (auth.), Sergio Palazzo (eds.)
Jim Torresen (auth.), Yong Liu, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Masaya Iwata, Tetsuya Higuchi, Moritoshi Yasunaga (eds.)
Christof Teuscher, Mathieu S. Capcarrere (auth.), AAndy M. Tyrrell, Pauline C. Haddow, Jim Torresen (eds.)
Committee to Study High Performance Computing and Communications: Status of a Major Initiative, National Research Council
David Atkinson, Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Porter Wear Johnson
Ernst Althaus, Tobias Polzin (auth.), Klaus Jansen, Marian Margraf, Monaldo Mastrolilli, José D. P. Rolim (eds.)
Stasys Jukna
Jeff Patton (auth.), Don Wells, Laurie Williams (eds.)
Barry Boehm, Richard Turner (auth.), Frank Maurer, Don Wells (eds.)
Mike Holcombe (auth.), Michele Marchesi, Giancarlo Succi (eds.)
Hubert Baumeister (auth.), Carmen Zannier, Hakan Erdogmus, Lowell Lindstrom (eds.)
Johan Andersson, Geoff Bache (auth.), Jutta Eckstein, Hubert Baumeister (eds.)
Jay Goldman
Martin H. Manser, David Pickering, David Pickering
Edward Harshman
Michael B. Mager
Gary Larson, Robin Williams
Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Nany Hasan, Jason Cong, Philip McKinley, C.L. Liu
Richard P. Feynman
Richard Phillips Feynman
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How Things Work (Scientific American Special Online Issue No. 32)
Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation
Deleuze and Sex (Deleuze Connections)
Globalizacja, marginalizacja, rozwój
The Rule of Moderation: Violence, Religion and the Politics of Restraint in Early Modern England
Capital & Class. - 1988. - Issue 35 issue 35
Filozofia moralna w tekstach Tomasza z Akwinu
The challenge of developing statistical literacy, reasoning, and thinking
Prime Time
God, Harlem U.S.A.: The Father Divine Story
Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity, 6th Edition
Foundations of Music , Seventh Edition
Brothers Estranged: Heresy, Christianity and Jewish Identity in Late Antiquity
Men in black
A Path to Coldness of Heart (Dread Empire 3)
The Economist - 10 February 2001
Moral Play and Counterpublic: Transformations in Moral Drama, 1465–1599
The learning relationship: psychoanalytic thinking in education
The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know
 Samba-3 by Example: Practical Exercises to Successful Deployment
On the Ethics of War and Terrorism
The Reagan Revolution: A Very Short Introduction
The Road to Chess Improvement
Information Asymmetries and the Creation of Economic Value
The Holy Thief: A Novel
Application of Integral Calculus
Tourism, Religion and Spiritual Journeys
Toward a Cognitive Semantics: Typology and Process in Concept Structuring
Theory and Practice in the History of European Expansion Overseas: Essays in Honour of Ronald Robinson
The Exultet in Southern Italy
What's So Great About Christianity
Language and Communication: Essential Concepts for User Interface and Documentation Design
Towards a Classless Society?
Bioterrorism and Infectious Agents: A New Dilemma for the 21st Century
Fallen Angel
The Asrama System: The History and Hermeneutics of a Religious Institution
Money and the Nation State: The Financial Revolution, Government, and the World Monetary System
Critical Reasoning
Christianization and the Rise of Christian Monarchy: Scandinavia, Central Europe and Rus' c.900-1200
Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI