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 Geoffrey Budworth
Martin Werdich (auth.), Martin Werdich (eds.)
Wolfgang Hohlbein
Marie Hablitzel, Kim Stitzer
Nancy Fraser
J. Holland
Richard E Litz
Johannes A. Buchmann
The Sify Food Contributors
George Sale, George Psalmanazar, Archibald Bower, George Shelvocke, John Campbell and John Swinton.
Alvaro Pombo
Noureddine Adjir, Pierre De Saqui-Sannes, Kamel Mustapha Rahmouni (auth.), Manuel Núñez, Paul Baker, Mercedes G. Merayo (eds.)
Anne McEvoy
Daniel Alvin Schulke
Fay Anderson
Dmitry Aksenov, Dmitry Dobrynin, Maxim Dubinin etc. (Global Forest Watch)
Giovanni Luca Beretta, Franco Zunino (auth.), Karsten Krohn (eds.)
Pierre Fraigniaud (auth.), Samson Abramsky, Cyril Gavoille, Claude Kirchner, Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, Paul G. Spirakis (eds.)
Earthworks Group
Josh Lerner
Charles G. Finney
David Weissman
Charles de la Vallée Poussin
Faxin Yu, Zheming Lu, Hao Luo, Pinghui Wang
Louis A. Hageman, David M. Young
Donald A. Berry, Dalene Stangl
John McWhorter
David E. Blair (auth.)
Roy Harris
Jesús Cardeñosa, Alexander Gelbukh, Edmundo Tovar (editors)
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 The radiochemistry of the rare earths: scandium, yttrium, and actinium
The radiochemistry of the rare gases
The radiochemistry of the transcurium elements
The radiochemistry of thorium
The radiochemistry of tungsten
The radiochemistry of uranium
The radiochemistry of vanadium
The radiochemistry of zinc
The radiochemistry of zirconium and hafnium
The Reggiane Re.2000
The Revenue Cutter Service Gunboat E.A. Stevens: The Stevens Family's Civil War Experiment in Modern Naval Technology
Power system protection
Power system protection
The Rough Guide to the best Android apps : [the 400 best for smartphones and tablets]
The Royal Navy officer's pocket-book, 1944
The Russian concubine
The Russian convoys, 1941-1945
The Russians play chess; fifty-six master games
The Ryan PT/ST series
 Radiologic Anatomy
Radiologic Diagnosis of Bone & Joint
Radiological Control (DOE STD 1098-99)
Radiomarine RAZ-1 Radio Receiver
RADSIX CIC Manual [website capture]
Ramsey Theory on the Integers
Raptors of North America
Rational Approximation and its Applns. in Math., Physics
Ray Optics, Fermat's Principle, and Applns to General Relativity
Rayleigh-Schrodinger Perturbation Energies - Symbolic Derivation
Raytheon RL-10 Limiter (schematic only)
RBY-1 Panoramic Radio Adaptor (Mil TM - prelim)
Reaction Engineering Studies in Ion-Exchange Resin Catalyzed Esterification Reactions [thesis]
Reactor Accident Consequence Assessment (csni88-145-vol1)
Reactor Analysis Methodology - Quasidiffusion Nodal Core Model
Reactor and Materials Tech Monthly Rpt [May, 1965] [Declassified]
Reactor Coolant System Leakage and Failure Probabilities (csni-r1995-6)
Reactor Data - Modeling Pu Disposition in Catawba Nuclear Stn [units 1,2]
Reactor Design, Feasability - High Flux Research Reactor
Reactor Engineering Div. Qtrly Rpt [Jun-Aug 1953] [declassified]
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Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI