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 Robert V. O’Neill, Mark A. Smith (auth.), Sarah E. Gergel, Monica G. Turner (eds.)
Vincent Goffin, Paul A. Kelly (auth.), Vincent Goffin PhD, Paul A. Kelly PhD (eds.)
Steen Magnussen, Mike Wulder, David Seemann (auth.), Klaus von Gadow, Jürgen Nagel, Joachim Saborowski (eds.)
Jun Mitsuhashi (auth.)
Kenrick Berend, Gijsbert B. van der Voet, Frederik A. de Wolff (auth.), Professor Herbert W. Roesky, Professor Dr. David A. Atwood (eds.)
Kai Licha (auth.), Prof. Dr. Werner Krause (eds.)
Andrea C. Gore (auth.)
Eigil Kjeldsen, Steen Kølvraa (auth.), Bernd W. Rautenstrauss, Thomas Liehr (eds.)
R. Jaenisch (auth.), Otto-Wilhelm Merten, Pierre Perrin, Bryan Griffiths (eds.)
Yngvar Olsen (auth.), Olav Vadstein, Yngvar Olsen (eds.)
Ken I. Mills PHD, Bernard H. Ramsahoye MD,PHD (auth.), Ken I. Mills PhD, Bernard H. Ramsahoye MD, PhD (eds.)
Caterina Strambio-de-Castillia, Michael P. Rout (auth.), Dr. Karsten Weis (eds.)
Dr. Karl-Heinz Hellwich (auth.)
Karla Punkt PD. Dr. rer. nat. habil. (auth.)
Anneke Beylich, Ulfert Graefe (auth.), Professor Dr. Gabriele Broll, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Merbach, Professor Dr. Eva-Maria Pfeiffer (eds.)
Iain Campbell (auth.), Fergus G. Priest, Iain Campbell (eds.)
Subhash Chandra (auth.), Subhash Chandra, Mrittunjai Srivastava (eds.)
D. Häussinger, B. Görg, J. G. Bode, N. Saha, M. Wettstein, R. Reinehr, U. Warskulat (auth.), E. Anthony Jones, Alfred J. Meijer, Robert A. F. M. Chamuleau (eds.)
Valentine I. Kefeli, Maria V. Kalevitch (auth.), Bruno Borsari (eds.)
Beverley R. Green, Jan M. Anderson, William W. Parson (auth.), Beverley R. Green, William W. Parson (eds.)
G. Haberlandt (auth.), Univ. Prof. Dr. Margit Laimer, Univ. Doz. Dr. Waltraud Rücker (eds.)
Patrick Lavelle, Alister V. Spain (auth.)
Victoria V. Roshchina, Valentina D. Roshchina (auth.)
M. W. Schwartz, C. A. Brigham (auth.), Dr. Christy A. Brigham, Dr. Mark W. Schwartz (eds.)
Charles W. Heckman (auth.)
Andrzej Bajguz, Andrzej Tretyn (auth.), S. Hayat, A. Ahmad (eds.)
Fleur L. Strand (auth.), Prof. Laszlo Prokai, Prof. Katalin Prokai-Tatrai (eds.)
Stephan Förster (auth.), Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti (eds.)
G. A. Bradshaw, P. A. Marquet (auth.), Dr. Gay A. Bradshaw, Dr. Pablo A. Marquet (eds.)
Irun R. Cohen, Francisco J. Quintana (auth.), Willem van Eden (eds.)
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Natural Time Analysis: The New View of Time: Precursory Seismic Electric Signals, Earthquakes and other Complex Time Series
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Understanding Syntax (Understanding Language)
Отвъд свободата и достойнството
 Metropolitan sustainability: Understanding and improving the urban environment
The Symbiosis of Buddhism with Brahmanism/Hinduism in South Asia and of Buddhism with 'local cults' in Tibet and the Himalayan region
Die aramäischen Achikar-Sprüche aus Elephantine und die alttestamentliche Weisheitsliteratur
Poznavanje opštila čovekovih produžetaka
Προμηθεύς Δεσμώτης
Μαρξισμός και δίκαιο
Universalism and Particularism at Sodom and Gomorrah: Essays in Memory of Ron Pirson
Είναι και συνείδηση. Γνώση και αλήθεια
Pentateuch, Hexateuch, or Enneateuch? Identifying Literary Works in Genesis through Kings
Αποτελέσματα της άμεσης διαδικασίας παραγωγής
Για την σοσιαλιστική οικοδόμηση (κείμενα 1917-1923)
Teorija citatnosti
Αποδείξεις και Ανασκευές
Πως να το λύσω
Blackett's War: The Men Who Defeated the Nazi U-Boats and Brought Science to the Art of Warfare
The Libyan Anarchy: Inscriptions from Egypt's Third Intermediate Period
Cognitive Sociology: Language and Meaning in Social Interaction
Kant on Moral Autonomy
Essays on Deleuze
The Continuum Companion to Ethics
Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI