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 Austin Burt, Robert Trivers
Jan Kremers
Alain Vanderpoorten, Bernard Goffinet
Raphael Falk
Novartis Foundation
Morel Anne
R. B. Payne
James F. Willott
Catherine E. Chambers
Lothar Eggeling, Michael Bott
Jennie R Lill
Michael R. Conover
Thomas A. Christensen
E. A. Schreiber, Joanna Burger
Ю. С. Железко
William R. Koehler
Stephen R. Sprang (Eds.)
Aziz Belmiloudi (auth.)
Andrew J. Todd (auth.), Marzia Malcangio (eds.)
James H. Hunt
David P. Barash Ph.D., Judith Eve Lipton
Stefan Jentsch, Bernhard Haendler
David L. Hull, Michael Ruse
Jeffrey A. Lockwood
Richard R. Fay
Bruce H. Pugesek, Adrian Tomer, Alexander von Eye
A. Philip Draycott
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Random Recommend
 Solvable Cases of the Decision Problem
A Transfinite Type Theory with Type Variables
Computable structures and the hyperarithmetical hierarchy
Frege's lectures on logic: Carnap's student notes, 1910-1914
The liar: An essay on truth and circularity
A course in mathematical logic
Mathematical logic for computer science
An Introduction to Many-Valued and Fuzzy Logic: Semantics, Algebras, and Derivation Systems
Computability, complexity, logic
Computability and Logic
A computational logic
Meaning and necessity: A study in semantics and modal logic
Thinking about Godel and Turing: Essays on complexity, 1970-2007
Mathematical Logic
Axiomatic set theory: impredicative theories of classes
The theory of constructive types
The covering property axiom, CPA: A combinatorial core of the iterated perfect set model
The Foundations of Intuitionistic Mathematics: Especially In Relation to Recursive Functions
Modal logic: An introduction to its syntax and semantics
Regular algebra and finite machines
 Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Shreir's Corrosion vol III
Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism
The Vincent Boys
Appeal to Pity: Argumentum Ad Misericordiam

H.I.V.E. 4: Dreadnought
International Joint Ventures in China (Studies on the Chinese Economy)
Steam & Sorcery
Computer Vision and Action Recognition: A Guide for Image Processing and Computer Vision Community for Action Understanding
National Integration and Contested Autonomy: The Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua
How To Love Like a Hot Chick: The Girlfriend to Girlfriend Guide to Getting the Love You Deserve
A Curtain Falls
Dominikanische Republik, 7. Auflage (Reiseführer)
Byzantine Orthodoxies: Papers from the Thirty-sixth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, University of Durham, 23–25 March 2002 (Publications for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies)
The Maid
Demon lord of Karanda
The Art of Toshiko Takaezu: In the Language of Silence
Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI