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 Семенников В.П. (ред.)
Диана Балыко
Р. Дж. Коллингвуд
Арья Шура
Кэтти Уоллард
Лукашевич С.
Спенсер Дж., Спенсер Э.
Хамидова З.Х.
Соболева В. С, Плам Ю. Я., Чантхависук В. и др.
Богданов Е.Н., Зазыкин В.Г.
Косолапов А.В.
Владимир Шигин
Николай Павлович Павлов-Сильванский
Иммануил Кант
Иммануил Кант
Герман Грассман, Роберт Грассман
А. С. Юновидов
Составитель С. Газарян
М. И. Васильев, С. Л. Васильева
Мизес Ж.
В.В. Яковлев
Питер Бернстайн
Махер Али

Толстов А.Г.
Селищев Н.В.
Мякушко В.П.
Бугаев А.
Бугаев А.
Л.-Х. Цимерманис
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 Self-similarity in turbulence
Biological physics
New Algorithms for Macromolecular Simulation
An Introduction to Random Vibration, Spectral and Wavelet Analysis
Newtonian Physics (Physics Textbook)
Introduction to nonlinear science
Relaxation. Sov. Cond. Matter
lecture in plasma physics
Noise in high-frequency circuits and oscillators
Non-self-adjoint operator algebras in Hilbert space
Nondestructive evaluation: theory, techniques, and applications
Nonlinearity and Chaos in Molecular Vibrations
Nonparametric regression methods for longitudinal data analysis: [mixed-effects modeling approaches]
Nonparametric Statistical Inference
Number Theory Arising From Finite Fields Knopfmacher
Treatise on theTheory of Invariants
On Certain Concepts in the Theory of Algebraic Matric Groups
On Dirichlet's principle and Poincare's methode de balayage
On the Basis Theorem for Differential Systems
On the Exponents of Differential Ideals
 Knots knotes
The computation of fixed points and applications
Ф. Алгебраическая топология. Путеводитель для студентов
Дифференциальная топология (начальный курс)
Curves and surfaces
Dynamics on Lorentz manifolds
Lezioni sulla teoria dei gruppi continui finiti di transformazioni
An introduction to differentiable manifolds and Riemannian geometry
Tight and taut submanifolds : papers in memory of Nicolaas H. Kuiper
Homogeneous Finsler spaces
The Plateau problem, Part 1. Historical survey
Poisson structures
Introduction to smooth manifolds
Lecture notes on mean curvature flow
Manifolds, tensor analysis, and applications
Yamabe-type Equations on Complete, Noncompact Manifolds
The Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem
Topics in extrinsic geometry of codimension-one foliations
Curvature in mathematics and physics
Curvature in mathematics and physics
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Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI